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Forest Management Plan

About the project

The mission of the Western Oregon State Forest Management Plan and Implementation Plans project is to develop a FMP and IPs for the State Forests Division that implement the economic, environmental and social values required of state forests in conjunction with strategies outlined in the draft Western Oregon State Forest Habitat Conservation Plan. Forest Management Plans provide long-term management direction and establish strategic approaches for meeting resource management goals. Implementation Plans (IPs) are developed to detail how management strategies that are outlined in the FMP will be applied for smaller management units (i.e. specific geographic areas).

The FMP and IPs will be developed simultaneously, on a staggered timeline, as part of an overarching and holistic management approach, aiming for completion in 2023. A Forest Management Plan requires approval by the Board of Forestry, while Implementation Plans require approval by the State Forester. If approved, the Western Oregon State Forests FMP would replace the current Northwest Oregon and Southwest Oregon State Forests FMPs.

Public engagement

Draft FMP goals & strategies: As part of the FMP development process, ODF worked with stakeholders and partner agencies to develop draft goals & strategies that are designed to provide economic, environmental, and social values from state forests. Feedback can be found under FMP Resources on this webpage.

Goals are statements of what the state forester intends to achieve for each forest resource within the planning area consistent with the Greatest Permanent Value rule (OAR 629-035-0020). Management strategies, which describe how the State Forester will manage the forest resources in the planning area to achieve the goals articulated in the plan. The strategies shall identify management techniques the State Forester may use to achieve the goals of the plan during the implementation phase of the plan.

Current status: The agency is currently drafting chapters of the Forest Management Plan. Under the current timeline, staff intends to present the draft FMP to the Board of Forestry in November 2022. Prior to the Board considering the FMP, ODF will conduct further public and stakeholder outreach through meetings open to the public, the State Forests Advisory Committee, and with forest trust land counties via the Forest Trust Land Advisory Committee.


In October 2020, the Board of Forestry (BOF) gave direction to the State Forests Division to continue the development of a draft Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) and a Forest Management Plan (FMP) for about 640,000 acres of ODF-managed lands west of the Cascades. With the HCP administrative draft entering the NEPA process in March 2021, the State Forests Division is beginning development of the FMP and IPs.

The State Forests Division determined that the best way to carry out this work is in parallel process, running two separate projects, in order to be able to implement the FMP along with the HCP. The existing HCP project team will continue with the NEPA process and a new project has been initiated to develop the FMP and IPs. The project teams will coordinate closely throughout the project lifecycle to ensure alignment and consistency in management goals, objectives and strategies.

This project provides an opportunity to improve certainty around outcomes for the economic, environmental and social components articulated in greatest permanent value, such as recreational, educational, and interpretive opportunities.

Meetings open to the public