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Oregon Digital Orthophoto Quads (DOQs)
DOQ Downloads
2005 Digital Ortho Quads
Orthoimagery from 2005 is available for download and viewing via the Oregon Imagery Explorer.
The 2005 imagery was acquired through a consortium to take advantage of the USDA's Farm Services Agency (FSA) National Agricultural Imagery Program (NAIP). The Oregon Geographic Information Council (OGIC) and many other partners signed a memorandum of understanding MOU (pdf) to acquire imagery for Oregon.
2000 and 1995 Digital Ortho Quads
The DOQ links below download compressed orthos in Oregon Lambert from a http site. Most software programs need the .sdw file to geo-reference the .sid file. The .txt files show the compression statistics for each image.
2000 DOQ FTP files in SID format
1995 DOQ FTP files in SID format.  Latest files loaded on May 2, 2002.
Download AML's used to process DOQ's (zip)
Download 15 minute quad coverage (zip)
Tile and Block numbers uniquely identify each quad in the United States. To look up the Ohiocode for a specific quad name, see: Ohiocode Quad Names (doc)

Oregon 1 Degree Tiles
Oregon One Degree Block Numbers
Oregon 1 Degree Block Numbers

Letter Code Index
Index of letter codes within each 1 degree block
Index of letter codes within each 1 degree block

Oregon 100k Quad Names
Oregon 100k Quad Names
Oregon 100k Quad Names

GPL Approved Tile Numbering
GPL (GIS Program Leaders) Approved Tile Numbering Scheme

GPL Tile Numbering 9x Format
GPL (GIS Program Leaders) Approved Tile Numbering Scheme: 9 character format

Processing DOQs
DAS, ODF & WRD Process for 1995 DOQs
(AMLs used are referenced in square brackets)   PDF Format Diagram of process (pdf)
1) Convert BIL to Arc Grid (+/- 150mb)
1a) If necessary, mosaic DOQQ grids together to make one DOQ [doqqmerge.aml]
2) Project Grid to Oregon Lambert from UTM [doqprojb.aml]
2a) Projected DOQ (Grid format): (jpg)
2b) Quad corner w/o clipping: (jpg) (notice black no-data covering imagery)
3) Clip edge outside of quad off [gridchop.aml]
4) Merge adjacent quads to create rectangular image without no-data [2edge.aml]
4a) Rectangular quad: (jpg)
4b) Quad corner with clipping (SID format): (jpg) (Note image quality varies slightly between images)
5) Convert Grid to TIFF (uncompressed)
5a) Write TIFF files to CDROM, 4/CD, (the compressed SID files could also fit on the same CD)
6) Convert TIFF to Mr SID image, 1 SID file / quad (+/- 7mb)
7) Post SID files on FTP site for public distribution
Compression Software Lizardtech download page to get ArcView, & Microstation extensions for Mr. SID.
  • The imagery around the quad area will be changed from the original DOQ
  • The CD numbers will be different than the original delivery

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