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Misc. Forms (DPSST and Reasonable Suspicion Forms)

Commercial Driver's License
CDL Form - Supervisors Review (doc) CD1419
CDL Form - Certificate of Driver History Form  (doc)CD1420 
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Leadwork Differential Form (pdf)CD1424
Security Differential (SDU) Assessment Form - AFSCME (pdf)CD1517
Security Differential (SDU) Assessment Form - AOCE (pdf)CD1517a
Working Out of Class (WOC) Agreement - DOC (pdf)CD1370B
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 Employee Records Forms
Address-Name-Phone Change Form (pdf)CD940D
Code of Ethics Attachment (doc)CD1382
Direct Appointment Request (pdf)CD1509
DOC Employee Photo Request Form (doc)CD1523 
EEO Self Report Form (pdf) 
Employee Emergency Information Record (pdf)CD1510
Employee Assigned Property Tracking Form (doc)CD1489
I-9 Form - Employment Eligibility Verification (pdf) 
ID Card Request Form  (doc)CD672D
Notice of Employee-Inmate Relationship Form (doc) CD1472
Payroll Retroactive Cost Center Correction Form (xls) 
Payroll Correction Process Instructions (doc) 
Personnel Actions Matrix (pdf) 
Personnel Action Request Form - Misc (doc)CD1518 
Personnel Action Request Form - Appointing Authority (doc)CD1519 
Report of Family Relationships (pdf)CD1055
Request for Continuation of PERS Police and Fire (pdf)CD1514
Resignation-Retirement-Transfer Out of Agency Form (pdf)CD1501
Salary Exception Request (pdf)CD1516
Special Merit Increase Request (pdf)CD1515
Two-Step Upon Promotion Request  (pdf)CD1508
Temporary Appointment Conditions (pdf)PD412
Temporary Appointment Extension Request (pdf)PD412A
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Employee Medical Certification (doc)
Family Member Medical Certification (doc)
FMLA-OFLA Employee Packet (pdf) 
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 Performance Appraisal Process
Performance Evaluation Elec Form - Represented (doc)CD1492
Performance Evaluation Form - Represented  (doc)CD1493a 
Performance Plan Evaluation Form - Management & Exec Svc (doc)CD1521 
Mgmt/Exec Svc Performance Plan Instructions (pdf)  
Code of Ethics Attachment (doc)CD1382
Employee Emergency Information Record (pdf)CD1510
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 Position Forms
Double Fill Request Form (pdf)CD1507
Limited Duration Agreement (pdf)CD1513
Job Share Agreement (pdf)CD1512
Job Rotation Agreement (pdf)CD1370
Position Description Acknowledgement Form (doc)CD1264D
Position Description Form - DOC Mgmt/Exec Svc (doc)CD1520
Position Description Form Template (dot) 
Request for Classification Change (pdf)CD1511
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 Recruitment Forms
Criminal History - DMV- LEDS Check Form (doc) 
Hardship Leave Transfer Form  (coming soon)
Job Interest Card (link)
Job Applications Page (link) 
Position Description Review Acknowledgement Form (doc)CD1264D
Recruitment Forms  (link) 
Release of Liability (doc)CD1199
(Sample) Appointment Letter (doc) 
(Sample) Lateral Transfer Letter (doc) 
(Sample) Promotion Letter (doc)
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 Safety Forms
Accident/Incident Report Form (pdf)CD1381 
DOC Offer/Declination of Hepatitis B Vaccination (pdf) 
Safety Forms (link) 
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 Schedule Related Forms
AFSCME Sec Plus Flex Sch Authorization  (pdf)CD1481 
Alternative Work Schedule Request Form (pdf)CD1495
Furlough Election Forms  (link)
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 Miscellaneous Forms
DPSST Forms (link) 
Reasonable Suspicion Forms (link)
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