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Featured Content: Did you receive an automated phone call? See message below


Did you receive an automated phone call?  See message below

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Effective June 27, 2013 the Oregon Department of Agriculture is restricting the use of 18 insecticide products containing the active ingredient dinotefuran while it continues investigating two large bumblebee kills. Common trade names of products include, but are not limited to,  Safari, Venom, Scorpion, and Zylam.
The temporary rule prohibits the application of dinotefuran containing products on plants, and will be in effect June 27 – December 24, 2013.
Director Katy Coba, has taken this step in an effort to minimize any potential for additional incidents involving bee deaths, and to allow for more time to collect information.
For more information regarding this action, see the Oregon Department of Agriculture - Pesticide Program website.

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