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How to search for pesticides registered in Oregon

The ability to find registered pesticide products in Oregon is easy using the Oregon Department of Agriculture web site. This ability is not new, but many applicators are not aware of it. You can check simply to see if a product is allowed for sale or distribution, or you can use the more advanced features that allow you to search for Section 24(c)s and Section 18s. Perhaps the most useful aspect is PICOL (Pesticide Information Center On Line), which allows you to search for a list of products labeled for a specific site you are trying to treat or pest you want to control.

The easiest way to get to the search pages is through the "ODA Pesticide Products" page. It can be found here:


Once you get there, look for the following section in the page:

Screenshot from ODA web site

By clicking the first link in this list, you can search for currently registered pesticides in Oregon. The most common way to search is either by product name or EPA registration number, but you also have the option to search by company name, registration status, ODA issued license number or code. The code allows you to search for if the product is restricted use, contains a fertilizer component, is an antimicrobial or household product and finally if the product has a Section 24(c) label (also known as a Special Local Need registration (SLN) registration).

Screenshot from ODA web site

The second and third links take you to lists of Section 24(c) registrations (Special Local Needs) and Section 18 emergency exempted registrations respectively.

Finally, the last link takes you to the PICOL (Pesticide Information Center Online) web site. From this site, you can search for products by crop, pest, formulation, ingredient(s) and/or other criteria. When you get to this website, click the "Labels Database" button to get to the search page:
Screenshot from ODA web site
Once at the search page, remember to uncheck the WA state checkbox and check the OR box.

Screenshot from ODA web site
Searching by crop is the default setting. If you want to search by crop, simply click and select on the "Common Name" menu until you find the crop you are looking for. If you wish to search by some other criteria, click the "Item to search on" menu and select the criteria you want to match.

Click the "Submit Query" button to get the search results. For example, when searching for Crop EQ (equals) Alfalfa, we get:

Screenshot of ODA web site

After your results are displayed, you may either choose to view the results by clicking the "Format Labels" button, or you can refine your query, by clicking the "Refine Query Button." This button will take you back to the first search screen, where you can narrow your search by adding new search criteria, such as a pest. In the example below, we searched for "Lygus bug" and found that 112 labels have both alfalfa and lygus bug.

Screenshot of ODA web site

On the next web page, you can customize the output, or simply use the standard output for the search. Most of the time, the standard output will give you the information you need.
Screenshot of ODA web site

Finally, click "View Labels" and the output is presented in a web table. From here, you even have the option to export the results as an excel spreadsheet.

We hope you find this tool helpful when deciding on products to use. Remember, the Label is the Law. The PICOL web site is not an official regulatory document, so you should always double check the search results with the container label of the product(s) you are planning to use.