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Oregon listed plants
Currently, there are 59 plant species that are administratively protected in the State of Oregon.  Of these 59 species, 29 are listed as endangered and 28 are listed as threatened.  Two species, Arabis macdonaldiana (pdf, 399 KB) and Howellia aquatilis, have been federally listed, but the Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR 603-073-0001) have not been updated to reflect the state protection that is conferred by federal listing.  All federally listed plant species occurring in Oregon are administratively protected by the Oregon Department of Agriculture.  In addition, Oregon has 77 candidate species. 
Endangered plant species
Scientific Name  Common Names
Abronia umbellata var. breviflora  Pink sandverbena
Arabis macdonaldiana* McDonald's rockcress, Red Mountain rockcress
Artemisia campestris var. wormskioldii   Northern wormwood
Astragalus applegatei  Applegate's milkvetch
Astragalus mulfordiae  Mulford's milkvetch
Calochortus coxii  Crinite mariposa lily
Calochortus indecorus  Sexton Mountain mariposa lily
Calochortus umpquaensis  Umpqua mariposa lily
Castilleja levisecta  Golden paintbrush
Cordylanthus maritimus ssp. palustris  Point Reyes bird's-beak
Delphinium leucophaeum  White rock larkspur
Delphinium pavonaceum  Peacock larkspur
Erigeron decumbens  Willamette daisy
Fritillaria gentneri  Gentner's fritillary
Ivesia rhypara var. rhypara  Grimy ivesia
Lilium occidentale  Western lily
Limnanthes floccosa ssp. grandiflora  Big-flowered wooly meadowfoam
Lomatium bradshawii  Bradshaw's desert parsley
Lomatium cookii  Cook's desert parsley
Lomatium erythrocarpum  Red-fruited lomatium
Lupinus lepidus var. cusickii  Cusick's lupine
Mentzelia mollis  Smooth mentzelia
Mirabilis macfarlanei  Macfarlane's four o'clock
Plagiobothrys hirtus  Rough popcornflower
Plagiobothrys lamprocarpus  Shiny-fruited allocarya
Pyrrocoma radiata Snake River goldenweed
Silene spaldingii  Spalding's campion
Stephanomeria malheurensis  Malheur wire-lettuce
Thelypodium howellii ssp. spectabilis  Howell's spectacular thelypody
Trifolium owyheense  Owyhee clover
* Species has been listed federally, but the Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR 603-073) have not yet been updated.  All federally listed plant species occurring in Oregon are administratively protected by the State of Oregon. 

Threatened plant species
Scientific Name  Common Name
Amsinckia carinata 
Malheur Valley fiddleneck
Astragalus collinus var. laurentii  Lawrence's milkvetch, Laurent's milkvetch
Astragalus cusickii var. sterilis
Sterile milkvetch, Barren milkvetch​​
Astragalus diaphanus var. diurnus 
South Fork John Day milkvetch
Astragalus peckii 
Peck's milkvetch
Astragalus tyghensis 
Tygh Valley milkvetch
Botrychium pumicola  Pumice grape-fern
Calochortus howellii  Howell's mariposa lily
Eriogonum chrysops Golden buckwheat
Eriogonum crosbyae
Crosby's buckwheat
Erythronium elegans
Coast Range fawn lily
Eucephalus vialis 
Wayside aster
Gratiola heterosepala Boggs Lake hedge hyssop
Hackelia cronquistii 
Cronquist's stickseed
Hastingsia bracteosa 
Large-flowered rush lily
Howellia aquatilis* Howellia
Lepidium davisii 
Davis' peppergrass
Limnanthes floccosa ssp. pumila 
Dwarf meadowfoam
Lomatium greenmanii
Greenman's desert parsley
Lupinus oreganus  Kincaid's lupine, Oregon lupine
Mentzelia packardiae Packard's mentzelia
Microseris howellii Howell's microseris
Oenothera wolfii  Wolf's evening-primrose
Phacelia argentea Silvery phacelia
Pleuropogon oregonus Oregon semaphore grass
Sericocarpus rigidus 
White-topped aster
Sidalcea nelsoniana Nelson's checkermallow
Silene douglasii var. oraria  Cascade Head catchfly
Thelypodium eucosmum Arrow-leaf thelypody
* Species has been listed federally, but the Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR 603-073) have not yet been updated.  All federally listed plant species occurring in Oregon are administratively protected by the State of Oregon. 

Candidate plant species

Scientific Name  Common Name
 Achnatherum hendersonii   Henderson ricegrass
 Agrostis howellii   Howell's bentgrass
 Arabis koehleri var. koehleri   Koehler's rockcress, shrubby rockcress
 Arabis suffrutescens var. horizontalis   Crater Lake rockcress
 Asarum wagneri   Green-flowered wild ginger
 Astragalus tegetarioides   Deschutes milkvetch, bastard kentrophyta
 Bensoniella oregana   Bensoniella
 Bolandra oregana   Oregon bolandra
 Botrychium ascendens   Upswept moonwort, upward-lobed moonwort
 Botrychium crenulatum   Dainty moonwort, crenulate grape-fern
 Botrychium paradoxum   Paradox moonwort, twin-spike moonwort
 Botrychium pedunculosum   Stalked moonwort
 Calochortus greenei   Greene's mariposa lily
 Calochortus longebarbatus var. peckii   Peck's mariposa lily
 Calochortus persistens  Siskiyou mariposa lily
 Camassia howellii   Howell's camassia
 Camissonia pygmaea   Pygmy evening primrose, dwarf evening primrose
 Cardamine nuttallii var. gemmata   Purple dentaria, purple toothwort
 Cardamine pattersonii   Saddle Mountain bittercress
 Carex constanceana  Constance's sedge
 Caulanthus major var. nevadensis   Nevada wild cabbage, slender wild cabbage
 Cimicifuga elata   Tall bugbane
 Collomia renacta   Barren Valley collomia
 Corydalis aquae-gelidae   Clackamas corydalis, cold water corydalis
 Cypripedium fasciculatum   Clustered lady slipper
 Delphinium oreganum   Willamette Valley larkspur
 Draba howellii   Howell's whitlow grass
 Epilobium oreganum   Oregon willowherb
 Epilobium siskiyouense   Siskiyou willowherb
 Erigeron howellii   Howell's daisy, Howell's fleabane
 Erigeron oreganus   Oregon daisy, Oregon fleabane
 Eriogonum cusickii   Cusick's buckwheat, Cusick's eriogonum 
 Eriogonum prociduum   Prostrate buckwheat
 Filipendula occidentalis   Queen of the forest
 Frasera umpquaensis   Umpqua frasera, Umpqua swertia
 Gentiana setigera   Elegant gentian, Waldo gentian
 Hackelia diffusa var. diffusa   Diffuse stickseed
 Horkelia congesta ssp. congesta   Shaggy horkelia
Kalmiopsis fragrans ​ Umpqua kalmiopsis
 Lasthenia macrantha ssp. prisca   Large flowered goldfields, perennial lasthenia
 Leptodactylon pungens ssp. hazeliae   Snake River prickly phlox, Hazel's prickly phlox
 Limbella fryei  Frye's limbella moss
 Limnanthes floccosa ssp. bellingeriana   Bellinger's meadowfoam
 Limnanthes gracilis var. gracilis   Slender meadowfoam
 Lomatium suksdorfii   Suksdorf's lomatium
 Luina serpentina*  Colonial luina
 Lupinus lepidus var. ashlandensis   Ashland lupine, Mount Ashland lupine
 Meconella oregana   White meconella
 Mimulus evanescens   Disappearing monkeyflower
 Mimulus hymenophyllus   Thinsepal monkeyflower, membrane-leaved monkeyflower
 Mimulus jungermannioides   Jungermann's monkeyflower, hepatic monkeyflower
 Mimulus patulus*  Stalk leaved monkeyflower
 Montia howellii   Howell's montia
 Myosurus sessilis   Sessile mousetail
 Penstemon barrettiae   Barrett's penstemon
 Perideridia erythrorhiza   Red root yampah
 Phacelia minutissima   Least phacelia
 Plagiobothrys figuratus ssp. corallicarpus   Coral seeded allocarya
 Ranunculus austrooreganus   Southern Oregon buttercup
 Rorippa columbiae   Columbia cress
 Rubus bartonianus   Bartonberry
 Saxifraga hitchcockiana   Saddle Mountain saxifrage
 Sedum moranii   Rogue River stonecrop
 Sedum oblanceolatum   Applegate stonecrop
 Senecio ertterae*  Ertter's senecio
 Senecio hesperius   Western senecio
 Sidalcea campestris   Meadow sidalcea, meadow checkermallow
 Sidalcea hirtipes   Hairy stemmed checkermallow, bristly-stemmed sidalcea
 Sidalcea malviflora ssp. patula   Mallow sidalcea, coast checker bloom
Sisyrinchium hitchcockii ​ Hitchcock's blue-eyed grass
 Sisyrinchium sarmentosum   Pale blue eyed grass
 Sophora leachiana   Western sophora, western necklace
 Stanleya confertiflora  Biennial stanleya
 Streptanthus howellii   Howell's streptanthus
 Sullivantia oregana   Oregon sullivantia, sullivantia
 Tauschia howellii   Howell's tauschia
 Trifolium leibergii   Leiberg's clover
 Triteleia hendersonii var. leachiae   Leach's brodiaea, blue-striped brodiaea
 Viola primulifolia ssp. occidentalis   Western bog violet
* Species was previously listed as threatened or endangered by the Oregon Department of Agriculture, but has since been delisted. 

Threatened and endangered plant definitions
Endangered species

(a) Any native plant species determined by the director to be in danger of extinction throughout all or any significant portion of its range; or

(b) Any plant species listed as an endangered species pursuant to the federal Endangered Species Act of 1973 (PL 93-205, 16 USC § 1531), as amended.

Threatened species 

(a) Any native plant species the director determines is likely to become endangered within the foreseeable future throughout all or any significant portion of its range; or
(b) Any plant species listed as a threatened species pursuant to the federal Endangered Species Act of 1973 (PL 93-205, 16 U.S.C. § 1531), as amended.
Candiate species 
Any plant species designated for study by the director (of the Oregon Department of Agriculture) whose numbers are believed low or declining, or whose habitat is sufficiently threatened and declining in quantity and quality, so as to potentially qualify for listing as a threatened or endangered species in the foreseeable future.
Delisted species
Any plant species, previously listed as threatened or endangered by the Oregon Department of Agriculture, which has been removed from list.  All delisted species are placed on the candidate species list.