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Please don't move firewood
Ash trees damaged by emerald ash borer.  
Ash trees damaged by emerald ash borer.
Please help protect Oregon’s forests by not moving firewood from other states or even long distances within the state. Other states have damaging pests and diseases that are not yet established in Oregon such as emerald ash borer, gypsy moth, Asian longhorned beetle, and oak wilt disease. Bronze birch borer is native to the US and is common east of the Cascades. In 2003, it was confirmed in the Portland metro area and in Corvallis. Sudden oak death is killing trees in Curry County and can also easily spread by moving firewood to other parts of the state. These are just examples of pests and diseases that can be transported to Oregon or within Oregon in firewood.

Although the firewood may look pest and disease free it may be infested. It is virtually impossible to be sure it is safe to move just by looking at it. Please obtain firewood for homes, cabins, campsites, etc. from local sources to help prevent the spread of plant pests and diseases. This means that you should burn the wood in the same general area as the wood source. For more information please call 503-986-4636 or 1-800-525-0137.