S&P Noxious Weed Small Grant Program
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S&P Noxious Weed Small Grant Program

TO:  Noxious Weed Control Program Cooperators
RE:  State and Private Forest Small Weed Grant Cycle Cancellation

Due to Forest Service S &P budget reductions, ODA is putting the 2013 S&P Small Grant Program on hold. We hope that this grant program might resume in 2014 if funding becomes available.

For those cooperators that were looking at submitting a project proposal under the 2013 S & P small weed grant program, please consider putting an application in an upcoming Oregon State Weed Board Grant cycle.
Please contact ODA, staff if you need more information or assistance in developing an OSWB grant or go to the following link:  grantindex.aspx
If you have any questions, please contact Tom Forney at 503 986-4623, Shannon Brubaker at 503 986-4622

ODA Administered 2011-2012 S & P Noxious Weed Small Grants Program

The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) is requesting proposals to allocate State and Private(S&P) Forest Health funds received through an agreement from the US Forest Services Pacific Northwest Region to support a small grants program for the control of noxious weeds. Small grant funds will be distributed through an open competitive process administered by ODA. The grant funds will be made available to weed control entities throughout the state for noxious weed control projects that protect and enhance state and private forestland.
What is State & Private Forestry (S&P)
S&P is a branch of the US Forest Services that provides technical and financial assistance for the protection of the Nation’s forestlands. One mission of S&P is to protect state and private forested lands from invasive plants.
Qualifying applications
  • The proposed project must control or support a control project for one or more Oregon State listed noxious weeds.
  • The project must benefit state or private forestlands and cannot occur on National Forest lands.

Who can apply?
State, County or Local Governments, Non-Profit Organizations, Cooperative Weed Management Area's, Soil & Water Conservation Districts, Watershed Councils, Private Landowners, and Tribal weed control entities.
How do I apply?
Applicants must complete and submit a S&P Small Grants application available through ODA.
What type of projects qualify?
Treatment projects, Survey and Inventory Activities, Education and Outreach Activities, and Coordination Efforts. Projects that coordinate with ODA Project Plans, Oregon State Weed Board Grants, or USFS projects may receive higher priority for funding.
What is the approximate funding per grant?
Canceled for the 2013 Cycle.
Grant criteria
  • ODA weed listing status (A, T or B-listing)
  • Responding to new discovered or relatively small infestations
  • Protection of nearby National Forest land or assisting USFS projects
  • Assisting statewide or regional priorities
  • Prevention activities
  • The use of proven and effective treatment methods
  • Leverage of other funds or in-kind services
  • Efficient use of funds; maximizing acres treated, etc.
  • Potential value and usefulness of outreach activities or education materials produced

If I get funded - then what?
Grantee requirements:
  • Complete an agreement with ODA
  • Show proof of accomplishment through an interim and final report and document completion of the project.
  • If applicable the grantee must maintain and provide treatment records, provide proof of purchases, document net and gross acres treated, survey data, site photos and maps generated, provide examples of education materials, and document personnel expenses.

For questions about the small grants program contact:
Shannon Brubaker, Grant Program Coordinator
503-986-4622 • sbrubaker@oda.state.or.us
Tom Forney, Projects Coordinator
503-986-4623 • tforney@oda.state.or.us

Get the application form here!
Download the ODA Administered S&P Noxious Weed Small Grants Program Application form by clicking here.

Request this form by email: sbrubaker@oda.state.or.us
or request a print version of this application by calling Shannon Brubaker, 503-986-4622

Application submission dates & requirements
Requests for proposals is now open -  questions and concerns please contact Shannon Brubaker, 503-986-4622
2012-2013 cycle has been canceled due to budget cuts!

    If your application is approved then:
    • Interim report will be due - 
    • Final report will be due - 

    Application Submission Requirements

    1. Provide the Oregon Dept. of Agriculture with one signed original plus 14 copies and an electronic version of your completed application.
    2. Originals must be single sided.
    3. Electronic versions should be emailed to sbrubaker@oda.state.or.us or can be submitted on a disk.
    Subject line must read: 
    4. All documents must be postmarked by  and mailed to:
    Attn: S&P Noxious Weed Small Grants Program
    Shannon Brubaker
    Oregon Dept. of Agriculture
    635 Capitol St NE
    Salem, OR 97301

    S&P Noxious Weed Small Grant Program