Oregon Agriculture

How prepared is your farm for a major natural disaster, disease outbreak, or accident?

You can improve your farm's ability to cope with a disaster:

  • Develop a business continuity plan that describes how you will continue to operate after a major disruption
  • Enroll in insurance programs appropriate to your operation
  • Learn more about business continuity planning and disaster assistance by visiting the resources below


Federal disaster information clearing house

Disaster response Website

Find your local USDA Service Center

Disaster response Website

Governor's Drought Watch in Oregon

State of Oregon policy office on drought. Website

IRS Disaster Assistance and Emergency Relief

Disaster response Website

Oregon Health Authority public health information about drought

Drought response Website

Oregon Office of Emergency Management

Disaster preparedness and response Website

Oregon State University drought resources for livestock producers

Drought response Document

Penn State disaster planning tool for agriculture

Disaster preparedness Website

Saving water on the farm or ranch

Helpful and common tips for saving water on your farm or ranch. Document

State drought declaration process and emergency tools


Tsunami Beach Debris

Disaster response Website

USDA FSA Disaster Assistance programs

Disaster response Website

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Drought Resources




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