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The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) encourages all farmers, food processors, food transportation businesses, importers, and food safety professionals to educate themselves about the federal Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). FSMA will affect produce, processed food for people and animals, food transportation, and imported food. The goal of FSMA is to step up prevention of food-borne illnesses, in addition to responding to foodborne illness outbreaks.  

ODA received a grant from the Food and Drug Administration to support FSMA produce safety rule implementation efforts over a 5-year period. The grant supports extensive outreach and technical assistance to Oregon produce farmers. As part of the project, ODA will reach out to produce farmers to share information and to request voluntary submission of data to build an inventory of produce farms.  

The FSMA produce safety rule requires at least one person from each covered farm to attend an accredited produce safety training. The Produce Safety Alliance has a master schedule of upcoming grower trainings​

For more information, fact sheets and full copies of the final rules, visit the links below.​


FDA Food Safety Modernization Act information

FSMA website from Food and Drug Administration

Final preventive control rule for animal food—FSMA

Current good manufacturing practice, hazard analysis, and risk-based preventive controls for food for animals. FSMA final rule for preventive controls for animal food

Final preventive control rule for human food—FSMA

Current good manufacturing practice, hazard analysis, and risk-based preventive controls for human food. FSMA final rule on preventive controls for human food

Final rule on produce safety—FSMA

FDA guidance on FSMA and produce safety rules. FSMA final rule on produce safety

Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and Oregon Agriculture

Information for growers on FSMA and how it will affect Oregon agriculture and food businesses. FSMA and Oregon agriculture information

Produce Safety Alliance training schedule

List of upcoming grower trainings that will satisfy training requirement in the FSMA produce safety rule. Upcoming grower trainings



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