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The Oregon Department of Agriculture does not provide tractor training courses. ​The following information is offered as a resource, but may not be a comprehensive list of available trainings. If you have questions about a tractor training, contact the tractor training provider. Contact information is included with the registration information.​

Youth tractor training pro​grams

Farmers and ranchers who employ minors under 18 years of age must hire people who have completed and passed tractor safety training. 

  • ​Tractor training classes are usually held between mid-March and mid-June. ​
  • Tractor training courses fill up fast; register early. 
  • If you have questions about a tractor training, contact the tractor training provider. Contact information is included with the registration information.

ODA does not know of any youth tractor trainings being offered at this time.

Adult tractor safety and maintenance courses

The adult tractor safety and maintenance courses are designed to teach safety as it relates to driving, using farm equipment, and implements. The course offers classroom and hands-on experience. 

​ODA does not know of any adult tractor safety and maintenances courses being offered at this time.

Tractor training certification ​

If you cannot find your tractor training certification documentation, you must contact your tractor training instructor. ODA does not provide tractor training courses and does not keep records of trainings nor copies of certifications. 


Oregon 4-H Tractor Safety Program


Oregon State University Tractor Safety Resources


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