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The Oregon Bee Project (OBP) is a cooperative effort between the Oregon Department of Agriculture and a diverse set of collaborators. The project will work to foster and protect Oregon pollinators vital to the state’s production of specialty crops. Goals include field research, public outreach and education, and the creation of the Oregon Bee Farm Certification. The certification will be aimed at rewarding farmers who adopt bee-friendly practices. 

Oregon crops and bees

About 200 crops produced in the state provide bee species with sources of pollen and nectar throughout the growing season. This high level of nutrition is necessary for bee health. Also, the many hedgerows and natural areas bordering Oregon crop fields provide bees with ideal nesting habitats. Many of the roughly 500 species of bees in the state are responsible for pollinating crops essential to our food supply and the state’s economy. 

Bees around the world are under threat from disease, habitat loss, and other environmental pressures. It is important that we recognize and encourage farmers who have practices that foster and protect pollinator populations.​

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