​Pest alerts are produced to warn the public about recently detected pests that could cause economic or ecological harm in Oregon. These pests are not established in Oregon or are not yet widely distributed in the state. Each alert will note if the pest needs to be reported to the Oregon Department of Agriculture. 


Cannabis Aphid Pest Alert

Flyer about cannabis aphid

Gypsy Moth: A Destructive Forest Pest


Japanese Beetle: A Major Pest of Plants

Brochure about Japanese Beetle

Oregon Insect Pest Alert: Allium Leafminer

Flyer about allium leafminer

Oregon Insect Pest Alert: Ash Whitefly

Flyer about ash whitefly in Oregon

Oregon Insect Pest Alert: Brown Marmorated Stink Bug


Oregon Insect Pest Alert: Japanese Flower Thrips

Flyer about Japanese flower thrips

Oregon Insect Pest Alert: Lady Beetles

Flyer about native and non-native Oregon lady beetles

Oregon Insect Pest Alert: Light Brown Apple Moth

Pest Alert: Light Brown Apple Moth

Oregon Insect Pest Alert: Red Imported Fire Ant


Oregon Insect Pest Alert: Spotted Wing Drosophila


Oregon Invasive Species Council's 100 Worst List

100 non-native species to keep out of Oregon OISC 100 Worst List

Oregon Pest Alert: Cabbage Whitefly

Information about cabbage whitefly in Oregon

Oregon Pest Alert: Eastern Heath Snail


Oregon Pest Alert: Gill's Mealybug


Oregon Pest Alert: Old House Borer

Description and information about old house borer. Document

Pest Tracker: Exotic Pest Reporting

Pest Tracker publishes the latest exotic pest survey maps, news, and information, including for Oregon. Website

USDA APHIS Plant Pest and Disease Programs

National pest and disease program overview and information for importing and exporting insects Website



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