Specialty Crop Block Grant

Oregon's Specialty Crop Block Grant Program (SCBGP) competitive solicitation process.

Submission details

All applicants are encouraged to read the program guidelines outlining project submission, restrictions, and requirements. 

A link to an FTP is up on the website for you to upload your submission http://files.oda.state.or.us/?login=SCBGP-appl​

When submitting your Proposal for review, an applicant can upload up to 7 files within one upload session:
  • Proposal (15page limit, MS Word format, Times font, size 12)
    • Cover letters, attachments and support letters are not included in the 15page limit.
  • Support letters and documentation such as matching funds support etc.
    • Support letters and documentation are limited to 5
  • Please include your applicant name in the file name structure such as:
    • Applicantname_proposal2017
    • ​Applicantname_supportletter_fromname2017
​Applicants may submit multiple proposals, however each proposal must be submitted separately. Proposals over the page limit or are not responsive to the requirements listed above are subject to rejection.​


Oregon SCBGP Program Guidelines

SCBGP guidelines

Oregon Specialty Crop Block Grant Program—Proposal form

Proposal application form




Specialty Crop Block Grant Program Manager
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