Guidance on general district operations, including the five basic legal requirements, annual and long-range business plans, and other legal requirements can be found in Chapter 4 of the Oregon Soil and Water Conservation District Guidebook. Assistance with long-range business plans can be arranged by calling SWCD program staff. 

District operations

Commonly requested examples relating to general district operations are available below. These are samples of other districts' work and are not recommendations. Any examples downloaded will need to be customized and edited to your district's needs. Additional examples may be available upon request by contacting the SWCD Program.


Fact Sheet: SWCD Director's Responsibilities

SWCD Director's Responsibilities handout

Fact Sheet: SWCD Effective Board Meetings

SWCD Effective Board Meetings handout

Fact Sheet: SWCD Training and Operational Assistance

SWCD Training and Operational Assistance handout

Oath of Office


Oregon SWCD Guidebook

SWCD Guidebook to operations and management, updated October 2016. Guidebook

Registered Agent/Office Form

Form for filing SWCD registered agent and office Document

SWCD insurance documents

The following documents describe the Local Government Self-Insurance coverage and exclusions:​

Auto Codes Description


Local Government Self-Insurance Coverage Document, 15/17 Biennium


Oregon Insurance Fund Liability Insurance Certificate Declarations


Oregon Insurance Fund Participation Agreement


Personal Injury Protection Endorsement #2


Uninsured/Under Insured Motorist Endorsement #1


​​Business plan examples

Burnt River SWCD long range plan

Long range business plan example Document

Lincoln SWCD business plan

Long range business plan example Document

Long Range Business Plan Template

Template for SWCD Long Range Business Plan Document

Annual work plan examples

Marion SWCD annual work plan

Annual work plan example Document

Upper Willamette SWCD annual work plan

Annual work plan example. Document

Yamhill SWCD annual work plan

Annual work plan example Document

 ​​​​​​​​​​​Scope of work reporting

2017-19 CG Financial Report

CG financial report document

2017-19 CG overview

SWCD CG overview document

2017-19 SWCD Scope of Work

SWCD scope of work document



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SWCD Operations Specialist
Phone: 541-688-0396