Regulatory Issues

The Oregon Department of Agriculture's Pesticides and Fertilizer programs are charged with enforcing State and Federal regulations regarding the licensing, distribution, and use of pesticide and fertilizer products.


Pesticide Investigator District Map

Pesticide investigator map


Civil Penalties for Violations

Oregon Pesticide Control Rules - OAR 603-057-0500 OAR 603-057-0500: Civil Penalties for Violations of ORS Chapter 634

Civil Penalties for Violations Matrices

Matrices for determining amounts of civil penalties

DEQ Administrative Rules

DEQ rules for hazardous waste Rule

Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA)

Federal regulations relating to pesticides. U.S. Code Chapter 6 FIFRA information

Oregon Fertilizer Laws

Laws governing fertilizer, agricultural amendment and lime products Statute

Oregon Fertilizer Rules

Rules governing fertilizer, agricultural amendments and lime products Rule

Oregon Pesticide Control Law

ORS 634 for Pesticides Statute

Pesticide Control Administrative Rules

OAR for Pesticides Pesticides administrative rules

Pesticide use on crops grown for seed

OAR relating to pesticide use on crops grown for seed Table of crops



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