Plant Conservation

There are 59 plant species that are administratively protected in the State of Oregon. All federally listed plant species occurring in Oregon are administratively protected by the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA). 

Of Oregon's 59 protected species:

  • 30 are listed as endangered
  • 28 are listed as threatened
  • 2 species, Arabis macdonaldiana and Howellia aquatilis, have been federally listed, but the Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR 603-073-0001) have not been updated to reflect the state protection that is conferred by federal listing
  • Oregon also has 77 candidate species

Oregon's threatened, endangered, and candidate plants

The following list is sortable by clicking on any column header. Click on the common name to view a complete species profile PDF. 

Listing status codes: T=Threatened, E=Endangered, C=Candidate​

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Determination of Five Plants as Endangered Plants

Arabis macdonaldiana federal listing information Document

Howellia aquatilis federal listing information

Federal register listing information Document

OAR 603-073: Plants: Wildflowers and endangered, threatened, and candidate species

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