Plant Conservation

The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) can amend Oregon's threatened and endangered plant list in response to documented scientific evidence of increasing or decreasing threats to native plants, as presented by concerned Oregon residents. Once a petition has been received by ODA, the agency evaluates it using the criteria described in the Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR 603-073). 

Listing criteria

In order to be considered for listing as threatened or endangered in Oregon, a plant must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Name and description validly published or accepted for publication
  • Native to Oregon
  • Likely to become endangered, within the foreseeable future, throughout all or any significant portion of its geographic range
  • Natural reproductive potential in danger of imminent or continual failure

In addition, a listed plant must also face at least one of the following threats:

  • Most of the species' populations are undergoing imminent or active deterioration of range or habitat
  • An over-utilization of the species or its habitat is likely to occur
  • Existing state or federal programs and regulations are inadequate to protect the species or its habitat

Petitioning process

  1. Complete a petition to list, reclassify or delist an Oregon native plant. (See list of information to include in a listing petition under resources below.)
  2. Submit completed petition to
    Oregon Department of Agriculture
    635 Capitol Street NE
    Salem, Oregon 97301-2532​
  3. Within 30 days of receiving petition, the Director acknowledges the submission of petition in writing.
  4. Within 90 days of receiving petition, the Director notifies petitioner in writing whether or not there is sufficient scientific evidence to proceed.
  5. Within two years of receiving petition, the Director notifies petitioner of the final determination and the reasons for that determination. If the Director denies the petition, petitioner may seek judicial review.​​​


Checklist of required information to include in evaluation of land action impacts to state-listed plants

List if information to provide if a land action is going to impact a state-listed plant Document

OAR 603-073: Plants: Wildflowers and endangered, threatened, and candidate species

Law or rule

ODA Listed Plant Survey Report Template

List of information to be included in a listed plant survey report. Document

Oregon Biodiversity Information Center


ORS 564: Wildflowers; Threatened or Endangered Plant

Law or rule

Sample Rare Plant Survey Data Sheet

Sample datasheet to use when conducting field surveys for listed plants. Document

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