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Oregon is a US leader in implementing biocontrol as part of its integrated pest management approach to managing noxious weeds. The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) Noxious Weed Program has adopted the International Code of Best Practices for biological control of weeds. Only safe, effective, and approved natural enemies will be used for biocontrol.

What are biocontrol agents?

ODA works with USDA and other scientists who visit the original location of the weed to find natural enemies that can be tested as candidates for introduction as biocontrol agents in the US.

Before release in Oregon, agents are rigorously tested to ensure they are the following:

  • Safe and will not become pests of crops and native plants
  • Clean from disease and parasites

How do they work?

  • Biocontrol agents destroy plant tissues and cause stress to the weeds, making them less competitive against desirable flora.
  • Once the agents are released and established in Oregon, ODA staff and cooperators collect and redistribute biocontrol agents to other infested areas throughout the state.
  • It may take 10-20 years for a biocontrol project to successfully control a weed at the regional scale.

​​Biocontrol planning guide by target weed and biocontrol agent​

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Biological control of noxious weeds in Oregon (2015)

A guide to common biological control agents found in Oregon. Document

Biological Control Release Form


Code of Best Practices for Classical Biological Control of Weeds



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