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In 1989, the state legislature directed the State Forester to establish a Smoke Management Advisory Committee to provide advice and assistance to the Oregon Department of Forestry Smoke Management program. The membership of the committee consists of an industrial forestland owner representative, a non-industrial forestland owner representative, and public representative, a Forest Service representative, and a Bureau of Land Management representative. Each representative serves for two year terms that are renewable after the two year period.

 Committee members gather for public meetings in Salem twice a year to discuss and provide advice to the Smoke Management program regarding current prescribed burning and smoke intrusion trends, program fund balance, implementation plan items, and other current issues and projects of the program.

  • Scott Hanson - Non-industrial forest landowner representative 
  • Dave Cramsey  - Industrial forest landowner representative 
  • Gregory McLarren - Public representative 
  • Rick Graw - US Forest Service representative 
  • Willie Begay - US Bureau of Land Management representative​​

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ORS 477.013 gives authority to create and update the Oregon Smoke Management Plan. The statute states: “The [Smoke Management] Plan shall be developed by the State Forestry Department in cooperation with federal and state agencies, landowners and organizations that will be affected by the plan.” In addition to the Oregon Department of Forestry, the Department of Environmental Quality must jointly approve the plan and its updates.
According to OAR 629-048-0450(5) the plan must be reviewed “…every five years unless there is an agreement by both agencies that the plan can be reviewed at an earlier or later date, not to exceed 10 years from the previous review."
2017 Smoke Management Review
The main focus of this year’s review will be “Oregon’s policy on prescribed burning.” A group of 20 members make up the committee. They include the statutorily appointed Advisory Committee, forest health representatives, air quality representatives, and governmental leadership representatives. The committee will discuss and develop recommendations to address how Oregon’s prescribed burning policy may change given increased need to reduce forest fuels that have contributed to catastrophic wildfire in recent years.
The Review Committee will meet five times between May and September to develop recommendations. The first meeting will be held at ODF headquarters in Salem, May 24th.

May 24, 2017 Meeting Agenda



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