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The Marine Board initiated a broad, statewide strategic planning process in 2010 that engaged recreational boaters.  Based on their input, the Oregon State Marine Board Strategic Plan 2011-2016 was developed.  The plan included recommendations, goals and strategies for the agency to pursue over the next five years.  Primary goals included better representation and integration of non-motorized boating into the agency; a framework to review and prioritize needed changes and updates to boating rules; a systematic update to the Board’s law enforcement contract agreements; improvements regarding interagency collaboration, marketing and outreach, and cross-board relationships; and a review of the agency mission and vision statements.

A key lesson learned through this process was the importance of two-way dialog.  As a direct result of this plan, external advisory committees were created and helped the agency plot a new course for how the agency operates to serve in the best interest of boaters.  

To build on this success, the agency expanded these committees and created Boat Oregon Advisory Teams, comprised of members from the boating public, that covers topics in every boating activity:

  • Outdoor Sportsmen (hunters, anglers)
  • Watersports (towed activities, PWC, motorboat racing)
  • Cruising (cabin cruisers and large boats)
  • Non-motorized (drift, canoes, kayaks, racing skulls, dragon boats, etc.)

Stay tuned...these teams will help develop strategic concepts for the 

2017-2022 plan.    ​​​