Recent BOLI Final Orders



This page contains descriptions of and links to all BOLI Final Orders issued since May 19, 2014, listed in reverse chronological order of issuance, with the most recent case listed first.
In the Matter of Autoteam, LLC, Global Auto Motors, LLC, and Drive Credit, LLC (March 31, 2015), Case No. 01-15.  Although credible evidence established that Respondent Autoteam employed Claimant, the evidence was not sufficiently reliable to support the number of work hours claimed or whether the Claimant was paid for all hours worked.  Based on the lack of evidence establishing that Respondents failed to pay Claimant for all wages owed, the Amended Order of Determination alleging unpaid wages, penalty wages and civil penalties was dismissed.  Cite this case as 34 BOLI Orders 44 (2015).
In the Matter of Kara Johnson dba Duck Stop Market (November 6, 2014), Case No. 30-14, appeal pending.  Complainant, an individual with multiple disabilities who has been prescribed a service dog and uses service dogs to mitigate her disabilities, was not allowed to shop in Respondent’s convenience store in April 2013 while accompanied by her service dogs.  Respondent violated ORS 659A.142(4).  The forum awarded Complainant $60,000 in damages for physical, emotional, and mental suffering.  Cite this case as 34 BOLI Orders 2 (2014).
In the Matter of CSRT LLC and Robert Sabo (August 28, 2014), Case No. 38-14.  Respondent CSRT employed Claimant from November 15, 2012, through May 15, 2013, at the agreed rate of $20 per hour. Claimant earned a total of $10,400.00 and was paid nothing for her work. Respondents CSRT and Robert P. Sabo were ordered to pay Claimant $10,400.00 in unpaid, due and owing wages. CSRT and Sabo, as a successor in interest to CSRT, willfully failed to pay these wages and were ordered to pay Claimant $4,800.00 in ORS 652.150 penalty wages.  Cite this case as 33 BOLI Orders 263 (2014).
In the Matter of Charlene Anderson dba Domestic Rescue (June 27, 2014), Case No. 41-14.  Respondent, who operated a house-cleaning business, employed Claimant as a house cleaner.  During the weeks at issue, Respondent failed to pay Claimant any of the wages owing to her. Claimant terminated her employment. Notice was sent to the Respondent, who did not dispute that she owed wages, but did object to the hourly rate claimed, which the Agency proved was $10 per hour. Claimant was not paid for 38 hours worked and is owed $380 in unpaid, due and owing wages. The failure to pay Claimant her wages due and owing at the time of termination was willful and Respondent was ordered to pay Claimant $2,400 in penalty wages. Cite this case as 33 BOLI Orders 253 (2014).
In the Matter of Multnomah County Sheriff's Office (May 19, 2014), Case No. 01-14, appeal pending.  Complainant, who qualified as a disabled veteran under Oregon’s Veterans’ Preference Law, ORS 408.225 through 408.237, was one of three applicants, all sergeants with Respondent’s office, who applied for a promotion to Law Enforcement Lieutenant.  Complainant was not hired. Respondent did not comply with the Law in that it failed to devise and apply methods to give special consideration in the hiring decision to veterans and disabled veterans. Damages for emotional distress were awarded in the amount of $50,000, and Respondent was ordered to comply with the law and train its staff.  NOTECite this case as 33 BOLI Orders 220 (2014).