All Certifications/Licenses are valid for two years from the date of issuance.

New Certification/License (Never have had certification with DPSST)

  ******Important Notice******
The regulatory fee charged for the submission of fingerprints for the purposes of a criminal history check has been reduced.
Beginning March 1, 2015, the following fees will be charged to individuals required to submit fingerprints to DPSST for the purposes of certification or licensure as a private security provider:
Alarm Monitor Private Security Professional: $106.75
Armed/Unarmed Private Security Professional: $106.75
Unarmed Private Security Professional: $106.75
Alarm Monitor Private Security Instructor: $132.75
Firearms Private Security Instructor: $200.75
Unarmed Private Security Instructor: $132.75
Executive Manager: $292.75
Supervisory Manager: $117.75
*Please refer to Oregon Administrative Rule 259-060-0025 (Application for Certification and Licensure) or the DPSST website ( for a complete list of application requirements.
The reduced fees will apply to any application for private security certification or licensure requiring the submission of fingerprints received by DPSST with a postmark on or after March 1, 2015.
Please contact DPSST at (503) 378-8531 or by e-mail at with any questions or concerns.

Renewing Certification/License
Alarm Monitor Private Security Professional - $65
Armed/Unarmed Private Security Professional - $65
Unarmed Private Security Professional - $65
Alarm Monitor Private Security Instructor - $90
Firearms Private Security Instructor - $158
Unarmed Private Security Instructor - $90
Executive Manager -$250
Supervisory Manager - $75