PS-1 Basic Applicatio​n 


******Important Notice******
ATTENTION – Beginning March 1, 2015, the application fees for individuals required to submit fingerprints to DPSST for the purposes of certification or licensure as a private security provider will be reduced. For more information please visit the fees page.
PS-3 Supply Request

PS-4 Affidavit of Fingerprints

​PS-6 Training Affidavit                                                 Contact our office

PS-8 Instructor Proof of Skills and Education 

 PS-23 Chang​e of Information​​ 
​ PS-27 Code of Ethics
​ Executive Manager Information Form
Regional Training Request
Reporting a Criminal Charge   
Credit Card Authorization Form
Credit Card Authorization Form (Multiple Applicants)
​Allegation of Violation Form
Instructor List Request Form
​Instructor Essentials class registration​
Accreditation Forms
Accreditation Application (Includes Accreditation Renewal Application)
Alarm Monitor - Objective Identification Worksheet
Private Security - Performance Objective Identification Wor​ksheet​