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Mission ​​and overview

The Oregon Geographic Information Council (OGIC) provides leadership for the GIS Community in Oregon. It is the governing body overseeing GIS development across state government. 

OGIC was created by Executive Order and is composed of representatives from 22 state agencies, four local governments, and two federal agencies.  The Council debates and approves resources and standards for shared information and tool development, to prevent data duplication and save tax dollars.  In 2010, the Council approved an updated Oregon Strategic Plan for Geographic Information Management. ​

Counci​​l objectives

  • Coordinate Geographic Information Management Statewide
  • Promote the View of Geographic Information as a Critical Information Asset
  • Promote Partnerships and Collaboration to Develop and Use Geographic Information
  • Enable Access to Geographic Data
  • Address Legal and Policy Issues Related to Geographic Data Distribution
  • Improve Geographic Information Framework Management
  • Enable Integration of Non-Framework Geographic Data
  • Improve Data Quality
  • Support Data Sharing
  • Support Provision of Services for Geographic Information Development and Use
  • Promote Broader Use and Benefit of Geographic Information Systems​

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September 13, ​​2017

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