Community College and Workforce Development

Adult Basic Skills (ABS) Policies, Training, Standards, Groups and Resources

ABS Policy Manual effective July 1, 2017​​​​​​

Adult Basic Skills (ABS) 2017-18 Reporting and 2018-19 Planning

​​2017-18 Planning and Reporting

2017-18 Current Year Program Plan​ning Documents
​​2017-18 C​urrent Year Program Reporting Documents
2017-18 Current Year Financial Reporting Documents

​​2018-19 Program Planning

​​​​​​2018-19 Next Year Program Planning Documents

Professional Development

Professional development for ABS faculty, staff and administrators is available on a local, state and national level.

Links to a wide variety of resources, including LINCS, GED , CLASP, and EL/Civics resources.

Learning Standards

The Oregon Adult Learning Standards (OALS) frameworks are aligned with the National College and Career Readiness Standards, and form the backbone of ABS instruction in Oregon Adult Basic Skills classes.

The versions posted here contain the latest revisions to the OALS.  They are in final draft form for program year 2017-18.

Oregon Council for Adult Basic Skills Development (OCABSD)

The Oregon Council for Adult Basic Skills Development (OCABSD) leads and advocates for integrated 21st century, quality basic skills programs which prepare adult learners to be college and career ready and to transition into further education or the workforce. OCABSD works collaboratively with the CCWD to guide and support adult basic skills programs in Oregon.

ABS Accountability and Assessment

Assessment includes the standardized tests approved by the National Reporting System for identifying skills and measuring the progress of Oregon Adult Basic Skills learners. Assessment is one element of state and program accountability which also includes data collected and used for reporting, performance management, and program improvement.