A Poem in Stone Celebrating the Historic Columbia River Highway

Transportation in the Columbia River Gorge before the Highway

Before 1912

The Columbia River Road: The Resurrection of a Pioneer Highway To Make a Wonder Road for Automobiles. Interesting Westerners: A National Road-Builder.

Building the Columbia River Highway


Railroad fill at Linsey nearing completion, Col. R. Hwy., Hood R. Co. 1914
Col. R. Hwy., Hood River Co. 48 rock cut & 40 ft fill 1914
Columbia R. Highway 1915 btwn. Hood River and Mosier 
Viento Station 1918 Columbia R. Hwy. 
Loops east of Hood River, Col. River Hwy., Hood R. County 1920 
Columbia River Highway, Hood River County near Wyeth 1920 
Hood River-Mosier Section, Columbia River Highway ca. 1920 
Rowena Loops, 10 mi. W. of the Dalles, Wasco Co., Col. R. Hwy. 1920 
Rowena Heights, Columbia River Highway, 1920 Wasco County 
Completion of Construction, Columbia River Hwy., c.1914 John Yeon w/ Cigar 

Annual report of the Highway Engineer, for the period ending November 30, 1914 Report on Columbia Highway Hood River Co. 1914 The Columbia: America's great highway through the Cascade Mountains to the sea. A Day on the Columbia Highway: The Reward of One Who Overcame Indifference to Homemade Attractions The story of Columbia River Highway

Celebrating the Columbia River Highway


Map and guide of the Columbia River Highway Official guide map of Portland. The Columbia River guide and panorama, from Portland to The Dalles: myths, legends, history, geology, Lewis & Clark notations. Romance of the gateway through the Cascade Range.

Developing the Gorge 


Bridal Veil 1948 Peterson, Larry Wise, ERN. & H.G. Smith.
Tunnel Point 2/14/49.
Hood River Bridge April 1949.
Hood River Bridge April 1949.
Bonneville-Dodson May 1950 Columbia River Hwy.
Hood River-Mosier Sept. 1951.
Herman Crook-Gorton Creek Nov. 1951.
Herman Crook-Gorton Creek Nov. 1951.
Hood River-Mosier Jan. 1952.
Hood River-Mosier Jan. 1952.
Hood River-Mosier Jan. 1952.
Wygant Park-Hood River Feb. 1952.
Hook Crook-Gorton Creek Feb. 1952.
Troutdale-Dodson May 1952.
Multnomah Falls May 1952.
Herman Cr.-Gorton Cr. 2 July 52.
Wygant Park-Hood R. 18 July '52.
Troutdale-Bonneville 8 July '52 Col. R. Hy.
Selected Topping-W. of Hood River. 26-Aug-52.
Wygant Park Hoodriver Sect. Columbia River Hwy May 53.
Columbia Hwy, Hood River-Mosier July 53.
Columbia R. Hwy Wygant Park-Hood Rivery July 53.
Columbia River Hwy Warren Creek-Gorton Creek Aug, 53.
Troutdale-Dodson 1957 Columbia River Hwy.
Bonneville May 1958 Columbia River Hwy.
The Dalles Sec. dedication 6-29-64 I-80 N Governor Mark Hatfield.
The Dalles Sec. dedication 6-29-64 I-80 N Governor Mark Hatfield.

Recent Developments


Columbia River Gorge study of alternatives.Forest trails of the Columbia Gorge.Columbia River Highway guidelines for maintenance: Columbia River Highway Project.West Columbia Gorge state parks: master plan. Oregon scenic highway drive, Mt. Hood Loop. Vista House-- a memorial to Oregon's pioneers: Crown Point State Park. Columbia River Highway Driving Tour. Columbia River Highway Historic District. A study of the Historic Columbia River Highway. Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.

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