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Conference Rooms

Ready For Your Next Meeting!

Conveniently located on the Capitol Mall, across the street from the State Capitol building, the State Library would be the perfect setting for your next meeting.
The State Library maintains two conference rooms for public use on the main floor of the building. Accommodating groups up to 50 people, meetings can take place Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, with rates as low as $10 per hour.
For more information contact Ashley Wilsey 503-378-5015
State Library building exterior 
State Library building interior 
Amenities Room 102 Room 103 Rooms 102/103
Capacity (max) 20 30 50
Price (per hour) $10 $15 $20

Internet (public wifi)

included included included
Easel / Flip Chart Stand * upon request upon request upon request
Additional Chairs upon request upon request included
Podium upon request included included
Projector & Built-in Screen   included included
Wireless Microphone & Sound System   included included
Portable Projection Screen upon request   upon request
Portable Projector upon request   upon request
Polycom Unit (Conference Calls) upon request upon request upon request
DVD Player   included included
Whiteboard** upon request included included

*Paper & markers not included with Flip Chart Stand.

**Portable whiteboard available for room 102, built-in whiteboard in room 103 located behind projection screen.



Conference room 102

The smaller of the two rooms, perfect for small workgroups. There is a selection of equipment available for this room, making it great for small presentations, trainings and work space.


Usage Fee: $10 per hour.

 Room 102

Conference Room 103

The larger room, with most amenities built-in. The room is set-up with an integrated sound system, built-in projector and automatic screen. There is a convenient white board located behind the projection screen, which services as a tackable wall when closed.

Usage Fee: $15 per hour.

Room 103

Rooms 102 & 103

They can be reserved together at a reduced rate. The dividing wall can be open for large presentations, or remain closed for separate workgroups.

Usage Fee: $20 per hour

Floor plan for rooms 102 and 103



For more information contact Ashley Wilsey 503-378-5015

  Terms of Use agreement

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there internet connection?

There is public WiFi signal available for the two conference rooms.

Is there a WiFi password? 

No, it is an open network, called R103.

Can your network (WiFi) support many laptops? Example: if we set it up as a computer lab?

We do not recommend trying to connect more than a handful of laptops that will be trying to access the internet at the same time. There is primarily just a public WiFi connection that can become bogged down.

What do we do if the WiFi is having connection issues?

There may be too many people trying to access the internet at the same time. You may need to ask participants to sign-off the public WiFi. If the problem persists, or seems to not be related to overuse, please call 503-378-5015 for technical assistance.

How do you connect the laptop to the projector?

There is a HDMI cable to connect a laptop to the projection system. If your laptop does not have a HDMI port, you will need to bring your own adapter.

Do you have microphones?

Conference Room 103 comes equipped with a full sound system. State Library staff will assist you in turning on the system if requested.

Do you have a DVD player?

Conference room 103 has a projection system (located in the back closet. Conference room 102 has a TV cart with a VCR and DVD player.

What if we want to do a webinar?

We would recommend reserving 103 with the integrated projection system. You will need to bring your own laptop which will connect to the webinar, and then participants can all sit and watch. We recommend having a facilitator that can sit with the laptop and control the webinar functions and type in questions participants may have.

Is your Polycom analog or digital?

Analog. We recommend using our Conference call unit (Polycom) if you have a digital one, as our phone system does not seem to work well with most digital systems.

Aerial view of the State Library

Do we have to pay for parking? Coins, bills, or credit card?

Yes; street parking. Coins or credit cards, at kiosks. Learn more about Parking Options below.

Is there handicapped parking nearby?

There are marked handicapped parking spots available on Court and Winter Street.

How close are you to the Capitol?

The State Library is located directly across the street from the State Capitol along the Capitol Mall State Park. There is a convenient crosswalk with signal allowing you to cross Court street and enter the Capitol from the North entrance.

What lunch or coffee places are nearby?

The State Library is located in the heart of the downtown area. We are within a short walk of the downtown commercial core, and have many restaurants and coffee places within a walk of 1-5 blocks. For a list of downtown eateries, check out Travel Salem.

Parking Options

  • Metered street parking is available on Court and Winter Streets (Credit/Debit/Cash) (Full Capitol Mall Parking Guide). 
  • Pay-to-Park lot (Yellow Lot) for all day parking, corner of Winter and Center. (debit/credit card only). 
  • Free 3-hour parking is within walking distance (2-4 blocks away) in the downtown area to the west of the library (Downtown Parking Map).

How early can we get into the building to set up?

If you have reserved the space all day (start by 8:30, end 3:00 pm or later) we allow users to set up in the conference rooms as early as 7:30 a.m.

How late can we stay in the building? Do the doors lock?

Reservations are typically available between 7:30 and 5:00 PM. Reservations outside this window must be approved by the State Librarian. The doors lock at 5:30, requiring a key card for access.

Can we come the afternoon before our reservation to set up?

We recommend including set-up and clean-up time within your reservation (see Conference Room Information & Terms of Use). For events with an early start (8:30 am or earlier), users can check in 48 hours in advance to see if the rooms are free after 3:00 for an early set-up. To guarantee an early set-up, we recommend reserving the time in advance.

Can we lock our belongings in the room while we go over to the Capitol?

If you would like the room to be locked, please call 503-378-5015 to request a staff person to lock the room. You will need to call us again to unlock the room upon your return.

Are there flipcharts?

We have a stand for use, but it does not include paper or pens.

Who do we contact if the room is too hot or too cold?

Contact our Operations office, 503-378-5015 for the Operations Support Specialist. There is also a fan in the closets of both rooms.