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Oregon Documents Depository Program

Information for State Agencies

Information for Libraries

Oregon Documents Depository Program

Since 1907, the Oregon State Library has been ensuring that citizens have continuing access to public documents through the Oregon Documents Depository Program.  By collecting documents and distributing them to designated depository libraries around the state, the Depository Program provides access through library collections and through the online Oregon Documents Repository
Access to Oregon documents is provided through Depository library collections and catalogs.  Links to Repository documents are contained in those catalogs and in WorldCat.

Depository Libraries

    All depository libraries are required to make their Oregon documents accessible to the public free of charge.  Depositories must retain all depository documents for a minimum of five years, except that superseded publications may be replaced by the newer edition. 
    As the official archive for Oregon public documents, the State Library will retain all titles permanently.
    Depository Program Statutes 
    Depository Program Administrative Rules  

    Depository Program brochure

    Read a detailed history of the Depository Program.

    Access the Oregon Documents Collection.

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    Visit the State Library's Voters' Pamphlet Project page to browse or search digitized versions of Oregon voters' pamphlets.

    Visit the State Library's Oregon National Guard Historic Newsletters to browse or search digitized versions of newsletters published by the Oregon National Guard between 1921 and 1962.


    Visit the Depository Program's 2007 centennial web site.



    Information for State Agencies

    Oregon Public Documents: A Field Identification Guide

    The Oregon Documents Depository Program requires state agencies to supply the State Library with 10 copies of all of their tangible public documents.  ORS 357.004 (3)(a) defines public documents as “informational matter produced for public distribution or access regardless of format, medium, source or copyright, originating in or produced with the imprint of, by the authority of or at the total or partial expense of any state agency….”, and exempts some types of public records, including correspondence and interoffice memos.
    That definition doesn’t necessarily help when you’re trying to decide if the document in your hand qualifies for the Depository Program.  The brief field guide below should help you make those decisions. 

    Annual or biennial reports
    Agendas and minutes
    Forms, stationery, etc.
    Financials reports
    Grant proposals, bids, RFPs, etc.
    Handbooks, manuals, or guides
    Transcripts of hearings
    Magazines, journals, or newsletters
    News or press releases
    Any publication intended only for use inside your agency
    Pamphlets or brochures
    Reprints of journal articles by state employees
    Research reports, studies, statistical compilations, etc.
    Rules and regulations


    Information for Libraries


    The Oregon Documents Depository Program distributes documents to its designated depository libraries throughout Oregon.  This web page has information and tools to help depository libraries manage their Oregon Documents collections.  However, any library may be a virtual depository by downloading bibliographic records for online documents in the Oregon Documents Repository.

    Shipping Lists


    Oregon Documents Classification System

    The Oregon State Library classifies Oregon Documents using the Oregon Documents Classification System, which classifies publications by the agency that produced them. 
    Here’s a list of all OrDoc class numbers (Excel format)

    Bibliographic Records

    Depository libraries are required to include records for Oregon documents in their online catalogs.  Here are resources and tools to help:
    How to modify records for your library’s local practice.
    An alternate method for downloading bibliographic records. 
    Any library may download bibliographic records from the Oregon Documents Repository, OSL's archive of electronic state documents.  



    Jey Wann

    "It is a basic right of citizens to know about the activities of their government, to benefit from the information developed at public expense and to have permanent access to the information published by state agencies."
    Oregon Revised Statutes, 357.001
    The Oregon Documents Depository Program supports government transparency and civic education by ensuring consistent and coordinated permanent public access to information published by Oregon state government.