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August 2005 Advisory Council Minutes
Oregon State Library TBABS Advisory Council
September 15, 2005
Oregon Commission for the Blind
In Attendance:  Doris Grolbert, Frank Synoground, Sharon Baker, Chris Vestal, Susan Westin, Matt Senecal, Jim Scheppke
By teleconference: Annis Holsworth, Tina Hansen, Dan and Sara Long, Eugene Newbill
Guest:  Jerry Delaunay, Oregon Public Broadcasting
Doris call the meeting to order at 9:30
The May 26 minutes were approved.
State Librarian's Report:
Jim introduced the new TBABS Program Manager, Susan Westin.
The year end (June 30, 2005) performance measures will be posted to the OSL website by September 30, 2005.  Jim highlighted a few things from the report:
Registration: The target was set for 7000 members and the year-end number was 7,156, which is an increase of about 1000 over the 2003 year end figure.Circulation: The target was set at 375,000 and year end number was 387,644.
Customer Satisfaction:  The target was set for 92% as above average or excellent.  This year the Progress Board changed the rating system to good or excellent.  The survey that was conducted in February, 2005 resulted in a 99.3% satisfaction rating (above average or excellent).
Jim gave an update on NLS.  At this point the message that is being received by state librarians concerning the rollout of the digital audio books is unclear.  One version has it that NLS will release 2,000 new digital books in 2008 with the legacy material being released by 2011.  Only 60,000 new digital machines will be available in 2008, for the nationwide customer base, which means that Oregon will only get about 800 machines.  NLS is talking about making the digital collection available for download.  Jim will investigate further about the rollout plan of NLS and email the advisory council members.  He is especially encouraging the members of NFB and ACB to discuss this issue.
Fund Development Report:
Matt Senecal gave a report on the 2004-05 fund development results.  The TBABS fund development program started in 1997 and has been increasing since then.  The target for 2003-04 and 2004-05 years was $95,000.  In 2003-04 TBABS exceed that goal by raising $168,286 and in 2004-05 TBABS raised $115,672.  The decrease in 2003-04 is attributed to the fact of receiving a $50,000 bequest in 2003-04.  Two mail appeals - Fall and Spring – brought in the bulk of the cash.  Matt was asked if TBABS could create a 501c3 non-profit organization.  This would be very labor intensive and must use volunteer labor.  No one on staff can use work time to work for a 501c3 organization.  Matt pointed out that in the distribution of the 2004-05 fund development monies does not cover the costs of the newsletter or the calendar as this was paid for out of general fund monies.  In Matt's analysis he calculated that to raise $1.00 it cost $.28 in 2004-05.  Patrons are the largest group of donors, but there is a high turnover rate, so new donors must always be cultivated.
TBABS Program Manager Report:
TBABS has been receiving the Braille Books from Utah for the last two months.  In July 24 patrons borrowed 124 volumes, and in August, 31 patrons borrowed 193 volumes.  We started the Utah program with 128 patrons and to date have added 20 new patrons.  At the end of August we have 93 of the original patrons subscribed to the Utah services that have not checked out a book.  We will contact people at the end of six months to determine their status.
We were given permission to move from the pilot stage to full implementation with the Unabridged project, so we ran an article in the Fall newsletter.  We increased the patron base by 21 people. As of September 1, 2005 we have 91 people assigned library cards.  Our goal is to have 250 users by the end of the biennium.
The large print calendar was printed by State Printing and Publishing and assembled and mailed by the inmates at the Oregon State Penitentiary.  Approximately 5700 calendars were mailed.  The question was asked, how do we decide who gets a calendar?  When new patrons are registered, if they are interested in a calendar, a code is placed in their file. 
David Whitall, the NLS representative, will be doing a site visit sometime this fall.  Susan reported on progress on the Long Range Plan. The patron handbook is being revised and published.  TBABS participated in the OSL 100th birthday by listing the books that are on the “110 Oregon Books” list that are available from TBABS.  The customer satisfaction survey will be done again in February, 2006.
Long Range Plan Goals for 2005-07:
Review and revise the long range plan
Hire a marketing firm
Increase the Braille awareness and circulation
Recognize the Pratt-Smoot Act
Establish a volunteer speakers bureau
Establish a TBABS Friend's Group
Through New Mexico State Library record five Oregon Books
Susan will be attending the NLS orientation in October in Washington, DC.
Advisory council openings:
The parent of a minor position is open now and the reading disabled patron representative position will be open at end of December Any nominee suggestions should be sent to Susan at the State Library.  Nominations will be presented to the OSL Board in December. 
Next Meeting:
We will coordinate the next meeting with the NLS representative visit.  We have tentative dates of November 17 and November 3 set.  The meeting will be hosted by the Oregon School for the Blind in Salem.
Tina asked about our connection with Gene Newton at the Office of the Secretary of State.  There will be a newsletter article in the winter TBABS newsletter about Help American Vote Act.  It was suggested to invite Gene to our next meeting in Salem.  Susan will do so.
Tina reported that the League of Women Voters have a audio recoding on their website that explained the funding of the Oregon state government. 
Guest Speaker:
Jerry Delaunay from Oregon Public Broadcasting, Golden Hours, gave a demonstration of the IRIS radio.  For those who couldn't attend the meeting there is a demo of IRIS on the omnimedia.org website. No computer or computer knowledge is needed to use the radio.  It plugs into your phone line.  On the demo radio that are 20 stations available, ranging from ESPN to CNN to classical music.  There is a $13.00 monthly fee for dial-up and $8.00 for Ethernet.  The new units will have 1 year pre-paid worth of Internet access.  The newspapers that are read on Golden Hours are the Eugene Register-Guard, the Salem Statesman-Journal, the Oregonian, and  the Columbian.  The Oregon State Library Board has budgeted $10,000 to purchase IRIS radios for people to try.  Frank and Jerry are working on a matching grant from the Meyer Memorial Trust.  Once that is secured then the radios will purchased.  OSL will be responsible for the lending of the machines.   At this time Clod Garvin is taking names of people interested in receiving a radio.  Anyone with problems or concerns with the radios or service should contact Jerry.
Adjournment at 11:45.