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NFB-NEWSLINE Helpful Hints
General Information
You can reach NFB-NEWSLINE 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any touch-tone phone.  Simply dial the local telephone number provided to you upon subscription.  If a local number is not available to you in your area, you may also reach NFB-NEWSLINE toll free by dialing 1-888-882-1629. 
By entering commands on you touch tone telephone keypad, you can read publications ranging from major national papers to local presses, and weekly and monthly magazines.  During this tutorial you will complete 8 short lessons that will demonstrate NFB-NEWSLINE’s capabilities and help you to become skilled at navigating through periodicals and articles.  By the completion of the final lesson you will understand Newsline’s advanced functions to maximize your enjoyment of the service and it’s usefulness to

Quick Reference
From the Main Menu
Press 2 to listen to your sponsor’s information
Press 3 to listen to your local newspaper
Press 4 to create a list of shortcuts to your favorite publications
Press 6 to return to the article you were reading the last time you called NFB-NEWSLINE®
Press 7 for magazines, including AARP The Magazine
Press 9 for instructions on how to use NFB-NEWSLINE®
Press* (star) to go to the previous menu
Press # (pound) at any time for help with the menu or newspaper you’re reading
While Reading an Article
Press 1 to return to the previous article
Press 2 to return to the beginning ofthe article that you are reading
Press 3 to move ahead to the next article
Press 4 to return to the previous sentence
Press 5 to return to the beginning of the sentence you are reading
Press 6 to move ahead to the next sentence
Voice Control Shortcuts
Press 7 to slow down the speaking voice
Press 9 to speed up the speaking voice
Press 8 to change the tone of voice
Pressing 0, 0 takes you to Speech Control, where you can make finer adjustments to the reading voice's volume and pitch

Selecting a Local Newspaper
If you are calling NFB-NEWSLINE via the toll free number, this is the message you will hear.  “Please hold while your call is connected.  Welcome to NFB-NEWSLINE.  Para continuar en español, oprime numero dos.  NFB-NEWSLINE is provided by the National Federation of the Blind, and the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped of the Library of Congress, along with state sponsors.  Please enter your six-digit identification number or press the pound key to hear how to become a NFB-NEWSLINE subscriber.  Please enter your security code.” 
If you would prefer to listen to NFB-NEWSLINE’s greetings in Spanish press two.  If you prefer English, just stay on the line.  The next message will welcome you to your state’s NEWSLINE service and will offer you more options.  “Hello, welcome to NFB- NEWSLINE for Oregon, sponsored by the  Oregon Commission for the Blind, Talking Book and Braille Services at the Oregon State Library and the NFB of Oregon.  For more information call us at 1-800-452-0292.  Press 2 for the Oregon information channel for topics of local interest. The Statesman Journal from Salem is now available. Press Option 3 to hear it now.”
The following list of options is NEWSLINE’s main menu.  “To read news about NFB-NEWSLINE, press 1.  To read your sponsor’s information channel, press 2.  To read your newspapers, press 3.  To enter your favorite’s list, press 4.  To read all NFB-NEWSLINE newspapers, press 5.  To continue reading where you left off, press 6.  To read magazines, press 7.  To read NFB-NEWSLINE tutorial, press 9.”
Option 3, Your Newspapers, offers a list of available   newspapers in your area.  We’ll select this option to read a local paper in Oregon.  “Please select from the following content options.  To select the AP Oregon, press 1.  To select the Oregonian, press 2.  To select the Statesman Journal, press 3.  For the end of the list, press 7.  To hear this list again, press 8.  For the beginning of the list, press 9.” 
Pressing 1 to select the AP Oregon will bring you to the next menu, where you can choose which edition you’d like to read.  For any given newspaper, NFB-NEWSLINE holds today’s edition, yesterday’s edition, and if available, the most recent Sunday edition.  Magazines may vary slightly depending on how frequently they are published. 
We’ll select 1 to read today’s edition.  At any time if you make the wrong selection while using NFB-NEWSLINE menus, or if you wish to return to the previous menu to make another selection, simply press the star key.  Each time you press star, you will back up one menu at a time.  So if you decide you’d like a different paper than the one you’ve selected, or you are not interested in a particular section, and want to select another, just press star until you have returned to the menu you want. 

Reading a Newspaper Article
Once you have chosen an issue to read NFB-NEWSLINE will then list topics from which to select.  For this demonstration, we will continue to read the AP Oregon.  The list of topic sections that you may choose from corresponds to the topic sections in the print versions of each newspaper.  Please listen as we choose a section to read.  “Please select from the following sections.  A la Carte, press 11, Business press 12, Features press 14, Local press 15, News press 16.” 
If we select news by pressing 16 NFB-NEWSLINE then lists all the articles available within that section.  However, choosing which article you’d like to read is a bit different than choosing a newspaper or topic section.  Please listen to this demonstration to learn how to move through the available articles to find those of interest to you.  NFB-NEWSLINE will tell you the title of the first article and then immediately begin reading its text.  If you wish to read the first article in your chosen section you can begin immediately.  NEWSLINE will continue through the entire text of that article and then begin reading the following one.  If at any time you decide that you’d like to skip over the article that you are currently reading, press 3 to move to the next article.  If you continue to press 3 you can scan through all the articles in the section.  “In news there are 29 articles in this section.  Article 1, Supreme Court Looks at Federal Sentencing…etc”.  If you decide to return to an article you’ve already skipped over, pressing 1 will bring you back to each previous article.  And if you would like to return to the first sentence of your current article, pressing 2 will allow you to begin that article again.  If you wish, you may also skip ahead or back up by sentence within a single article.  To skip ahead to the next sentence, press 6.  If you would like to back up to the previous sentence, press 4.  If you would like to reread the sentence you are currently reading, pressing 5 will allow you to start from the first word.  Any time that you would like to pause NEWSLINE, you can do so by pressing 0.  NEWSLINE will resume the article when you press 0 again.  Or, if you need to hang up the telephone, NEWSLINE will remember where you stopped reading.  You can return to the same place you left off by pressing 6 from the main menu. 

Selecting Other Newspapers
If you wish to read a publication from outside your local area you can access NFB-NEWSLINE’s master list of publications by selecting option 5 from the main menu.  “To read all NFB-NEWSLINE newspapers press 5.”  NEWSLINE will then ask you to select the region in which the publication you desire to read is published.  “Please select from the following regions:  to select national newspapers press 1, to select Spanish press 2, to select magazines press 3, to select Alabama press 4, to select Alaska press 5, to select Arizona press 6, for the end of the list press 7, to hear this list again press 8, for the next 6 items press 9.”
If you would like, for example, to read the Birmingham News, you would press 4 for Alabama.  If you prefer to read the New York Times, we’ll have to press 9 to listen to the next six items in alphabetical order.  When we reach the list that contains New York we’ll select the corresponding number on the keypad to access the New York Times.  You’ll then be asked to choose from newspapers published in the state of New York.  You can then choose from todays, yesterdays or the Sunday edition.

Setting Personal Preferences
There are two ways you can adjust the speed and tone of the voice you hear when you are reading articles on NFB-NEWSLINE.  It is important to note however, that the voice can only be changed or adjusted after you have begun reading an article.  If you attempt to adjust the voice from one of the previous menus, NEWSLINE may interpret your request as a selection or it may tell you that the key you have pressed is not an option.  Once you are reading an article pressing 0, 0 will bring you to speech control.  NEWSLINE will not say anything in this mode until you select an adjustment to the speaking that you heard while reading your article. 
There are three aspects of NEWSLINE’s reading voice that you can adjust.  It’s speed, pitch and volume.  In speech control mode you can raise the voice’s volume by pressing 3 and lower it by pressing 1.  When you press these keys you will hear the voice adjusting to your commands.  To make sure you are happy with your selection you can select 2 to hear the voice again at the setting you have selected.  The 6 and 4 keys will allow you to raise and lower the voice’s pitch.  Like the volume control, the voice will tell you it’s new pitch.  To make sure that you like the pitch you’ve selected, pressing 5 will let you replay it.  Finally, you can adjust the speed at which NFB-NEWSLINE reads articles by pressing 9 to speed it up or 7 to slow it down.   Pressing 8 will allow you to select from several voice tones. 
You may find speech control mode useful when you are initially setting your preferences as a NFB-NEWSLINE user.  After you have become comfortable reading with NFB-NEWSLINE, you may find that you prefer to read at a higher speed than when you first started using the service, or you may wish to slow down a certain article in order to pay particular attention to its content.  To quickly change the speed of NEWSLINE’s voice you don’t need to change speech control at all.  Instead, you can press 9 or 7 during an article to raise or lower the speed.  Also if you would prefer a different reading voice you can press 8 to cycle through the available options. 

Creating a Favorites List
NEWSLINE automatically lists six of the papers nearest to your home on option 3, your newspapers, on the main menu.  If however, you want fast regular access to some newspapers that are published outside your local area NFB-NEWSLINE gives you the option of creating a favorites list.  To do this press 4 from the main menu.  The first time you enter the favorites list NEWSLINE will inform you that there are no items in that list.  “There are currently no items in your favorites list.  To add an item to your favorites press 7.  Please select from the following content to add to your favorites list.”  The list that follows is exactly the same as the master list of publications, which is accessed from the main menu. 
Each time you add a newspaper or magazine to your favorites list NEWSLINE will reread that list including your new addition.   Pressing 8 in your favorites menu will allow you to delete any one publication from your favorites list and pressing 9 will delete all items from that list.  Your favorites list can include up to 6 newspapers or magazines.  Once you’ve become comfortable updating and accessing this list, you’ll have fast access to hundreds of articles addressing particular interests. 

Context Sensitive Help
In any menu or article within NFB-NEWSLINE pressing the pound key will bring you to the context sensitive help.  This help function is specific to each of NEWSLINE’s menus and modes.  This means that if you enter context sensitive help from the master list of publications you will learn which keys will help you to choose a newspaper to read.  However, if you are reading an article when you press the pound key, you will then receive instruction on which keys you will need to navigate through the article.  Once you have entered context sensitive help you may press any key to hear its function.  For example, if you’ve entered context sensitive help from an article by pressing the pound key then pressing 6 will explain that this key allows you to skip to the next sentence of your article.  Context sensitive help can be very useful if you’ve forgotten how to perform a desired function using the telephone keypad, or if you are in a menu that you are not completely familiar with. 

Search Mode
Pressing the pound key twice while reading any article will allow you to search the publication you are currently reading for a specific word or phrase.  “Please enter your search phrase.”  We’ll select travel as our search topic.  Search mode requires us to enter our chosen word or phrase using a code that substitutes two-digit numbers from 01 through 26 in sequence for each letter of the alphabet.  For example, we’ll enter 01 for A, since A is the first letter of the alphabet, 04 for D and 26 for Z, the 26th letter.  Using these substitutions we will enter the word travel as the numbers 20, 18, 01, 22, 05, 12 and 99.  Pressing 99 tells the system you are finished entering your work or phrase.  It is easiest to convert your keyword to this numeric before dialing NFB-NEWSLINE so that you are ready when the system asks you to enter your search criteria.  Once NFB-NEWSLINE begins to read the first article discovered by your search, you may move through the articles in the same way you learned in lesson 2.  NFB-NEWSLINE search mode can also process punctuation marks like commas, colons or quotation marks.  If you want to search a word or phrase containing punctuation, you can enter context sensitive help to learn the code that corresponds to your desired character.  For space enter 00, colon is 27, period is 28, slash is 29, double quote is 40, single quote is 41, comma is 42.  The numbers 0-9 are entered by keying 30 through 39.  To hear what you have entered so far enter 96, to backspace one character enter 97.  To erase the entire word or phrase and start over enter 98.

Spell Mode
To enter spell mode from any article press pound 5.  Sometimes while reading newspapers and magazines on NFB-NEWSLINE you may come across a word that is difficult to understand.  If reducing the speed of the reading voice doesn’t make the word clearer, spell mode can help you to be certain that you fully understand each word.  Once you have entered spell mode you can either spell the word on which you paused the article, or you can choose the keys to chose another.  Pressing 3 will take you to the first word of each sentence and pressing 1 will take you back to each previous sentence.  You can go forward word by word by pressing 6, and back by pressing 4.  Once you’ve heard the word you’d like to hear spelled press 2. 

Additional Help
If you have any questions regarding access to NFB-NEWSLINE, or using it’s features, please call the National Federation of the Blind at 866-504-7300.