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Oregon Agriculture

​The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) has established protected districts for the production of canola, a variety of rapeseed. Protected districts do not allow canola production except under special conditions. 

Protected districts include:

  • Willamette Valley Protected District
  • Central Oregon Protected District
  • Northeast Oregon Protected District
  • Malheur/Idaho Protected District ​

Applications due by June 30

  • The 2019 Oregon Legislature limited canola to 500 acres in the Willamette Valley Protected District (WVPD).
  • To apply for canola in the 2023​ growing season, submit your application by June 30, 2022.
  • Canola cannot be grown in the WVPD without a permit from O​DA.


Canola Growing Request Application

Canola growing request application

Canola protected districts map

Oregon canola protected districts map

Oregon Administrative Rules: Brassicaceae Production Districts and Rapeseed Control Areas

Scroll to OAR 603-052-0860 through 0921 OAR: 603-052-0860 to 0921

OSU Report for HB 2427: Willamette Valley Protected District

Oregon State University report produced with funding from 2013 House Bill 2427 provided to assess the potential for co-existence between canola and other Brassicaceae seed crops in the Willamette Valley. OSU Report for HB 2427

Recommendations to Consider for Coexistence between Canola and Specialty Seed Production in the Willamette Valley

2018 Report to the Oregon Legislature – House Bill 3382 Canola Report to the Oregon Legislature




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