Oregon Agriculture

The Oregon Department Agriculture is committed to a positive working relationship with Oregon’s nine-federally recognized Indian tribes. ODA will work with tribes to understand and address tribal interests related to ODA’s mission and statutory authorities. ​


Helping Them Home: The need to Return Artifacts and Sacred Objects to Native American Tribes

A video that covers the importance of returning sacred objects or artifacts in private collections, to the appropriate tribe. It covers why it is the right thing to do, and why it is important to tribes. Helping Them Home video

Legislative Commission on Indian Services

Includes information on the commission, the nine tribes of Oregon, key contact information, Government to Government, and more. Legislative Commission on Indian Services

Office of the Governor: Executive Order No. 17-12

The order establishes a task force that will determine the most appropriate steps for establishing workable strategies for the return of cultural items from state public institutions and agencies to associated Oregon tribes. Executive Order No. 17-12

Oregon Department of Agriculture Government-to-Government Annual Reports

Per ORS 182.166(3), a summary report of the government-to-government interactions with Oregon’s nine federally recognized tribes by program area. Government-to-Government 2020 Annual Report
Government-to-Government 2019 Annual Report
Government-to-Government 2018 Annual Report

Relationship of State Agencies with Indian Tribes

In 1996, Executive Order 96-30 formally established government-to-government relations between the State of Oregon and the nine federally recognized Indian Tribes that reside within Oregon’s borders. Oregon Revised Statute (ORS 182.162 - 182.168)




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