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​​Research grants are awarded annually through a cooperation between the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) Nursery Research and Regulatory Advisory Committee and the Oregon Association of Nurseries (OAN). Financial support is provided through a research assessment included as part of ODA’s annual nursery license fee.

Grants are awarded for research projects and investigations directed toward:

  • Prevention and elimination of plant diseases and insect pests
  • Development and improvement of cultural methods that are beneficial to the nursery industry

Apply for a nursery research grant

Submit a brief—one to two page—overview of the research proposal. All research project proposals should be for a one year duration only. All pre-proposals must include the following:

  • Name, address, telephone, fax, and email
  • Date
  • Project background and justification
  • Project objectives
  • Overview of methods and timelines
  • Budget summary, including indirect costs for your institution or agency
  • Benefit to nursery industry

Research project pre-pro​posals are reviewed, evaluated, and prioritized by representatives from the nursery industry. Final approval and grant awards are made by ODA. For additional information, visit the research page hosted by the Oregon Association of Nurseries. For guidelines, see the nursery research grant pre-proposals document

Approved project requirements

Authors of projects approved for funding will do the following:

  • Present research results to the nursery industry
  • Provide a brief written mid-year report
  • Provide a final report detailing the research results


Funding is provided in the following allotments:

  1. 50% paid upon project approval
  2. 25% paid upon receipt and approval of mid-year report
  3. 25% payment paid upon receipt and approval of a final report

Final reports

Reports will be listed here as soon as available ​​



Nursery Grant Research Pre-proposals

Guidelines for nursery grant research pre-proposals

Oregon Association of Nurseries (OAN) Research Information

Additional information on the OAN research committee. Research webpage - Oregon Association of Nurseries




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