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Cement Mason Apprenticeship Opportunities

Job Description

Cement masons prepare and repair concrete, including pouring and finishing slabs, steps, wall tops, curbs and gutters, sidewalks, and paving. They work with a variety of materials including terrazzo, magnasite, epoxy, polymer and other plastic materials for topping repair and injection.

Photo of Cement Mason doing work

Working Conditions

Most of the work requires substantial bending and heavy lifting and is performed outdoors. Job sites vary and workers may need to work far from home. There may be periods of unemployment.

Minimum Qualifications

Available Apprenticeship Programs

Committee NameCityAverage Wage
OREGON & SW-WA CEMENT MASONS JATCPORTLAND$39.55View for #10150075 Apprenticeship Details
OREGON COLUMBIA MASONS TATCPORTLAND$25.59View for #10650075 Apprenticeship Details
SOUTHERN OREGON JATCCHILOQUIN$24.00View for #50360075 Apprenticeship Details

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