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Heavy Truck Driver Apprenticeship Opportunities

Job Description

Heavy truck drivers operate gasoline and diesel-powered trucks or tractor-trailers. A driver´s responsibilities depend on the kind of load to be delivered. Drivers need to know how to operate special equipment for loading, transporting and unloading as well as how to handle special loads, including hazardous materials. Drivers are also responsible for maintaining logs and performing vehicle inspections of the truck before and after every trip.

Photo of Heavy Truck Driver doing work

Working Conditions

Truck drivers normally work the most number of hours that are allowed by federal regulations and trips may occasionally keep drivers away from home several days at a time. Drivers who drive in the local area work more regular hours than long distance drivers do. However, they are faced with the risks of safely driving big trucks through stop-and-go local traffic and narrow access roads, streets and alleys. Improvements in seating, air circulation and equipment for seeing have been made on the trucks to improve safety. However, vibration, noise, poor weather conditions and the need to stay alert in heavy traffic or on long, monotonous stretches of roads can cause physical and mental stress for the driver.

Minimum Qualifications

These programs are limited to current employees of training agents registered with the local apprenticeship committee. These programs may have limited opportunities available.

Available Apprenticeship Programs

Committee NameCityAverage Wage
INTERSTATE TRUCKING JATCPORTLAND$20.50View for #12790980 Apprenticeship Details

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