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Plumber Apprenticeship Opportunities

Job Description

Plumbers assemble, install and repair pipes, fittings, medical gas systems and fixtures of heating, water and drainage systems, such as sinks, commodes, bathtubs, water heaters, hot water tanks, garbage disposal units, dishwashers and water according to specifications and plumbing codes. They locate and mark the position of pipe, pipe connections and passage holes for pipes in walls and floors using ruler, spirit level and plumb bob. They cut openings in walls and floors to accommodate pipe and pipe fittings, using hand tools and a threading machine. Plumbers also bend pipe using a pipe-bending machine or by placing pipe over a block and bending it by hand, assemble and install valves, pipe fittings and pipes composed of various metals or glass, vitrified clay, and plastic, and use hand tools and power tools. Plumbers may weld holding fixtures to structures.

Photo of Plumber doing work

Working Conditions

The work is done indoors and outdoors, in existing and newly constructed buildings, in all kinds of weather, and around noise, dirt and mud. Plumbers often work in cramped areas and in awkward positions.

Minimum Qualifications

Available Apprenticeship Programs

Committee NameCityAverage Wage
NORTH COAST PLUMBERS JATCASTORIA$38.52View for #10330432 Apprenticeship Details
AREA I PLUMBERS JATCLAKE OSWEGO$46.95View for #10380432 Apprenticeship Details
OR SW-WA NW-CA PLMBR & STMFITTR JATCTUALATIN$54.92View for #10710432 Apprenticeship Details
AREA II PLUMBERS JATCSALEM$44.16View for #20150432 Apprenticeship Details
AREA III PLUMBERS JATCEUGENE$39.81View for #30150432 Apprenticeship Details
AREA IV INDEPENDENT TACEUGENE$40.00View for #40150432 Apprenticeship Details
AREA V (ROGUE VALLEY) PLUMBERS JATCEUGENE$37.75View for #50120432 Apprenticeship Details
KLAMATH BASIN PLUMBERS JATCKLAMATH FALLS$27.00View for #50250432 Apprenticeship Details
ONTARIO JATCFRUITLAND$27.22View for #60080432 Apprenticeship Details
BLUE MOUNTAIN JATCPENDLETON$36.17View for #60110432 Apprenticeship Details
EASTERN WA-NE OREGON PIPE TRADES JATCPASCO$54.00View for #60210432 Apprenticeship Details
COLUMBIA GORGE JATCSALEM$0.00View for #60400432 Apprenticeship Details
AREA VII PLUMBERS JATCEUGENE$43.56View for #70050432 Apprenticeship Details