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​Shared Services was established to increase alignment of existing enterprise programs—including E-Government, Telecommunications Management, Interoperability, Basecamp and Statewide Quality Assurance. The central theme of the​se programs being the development of shared service models and management of long-term strategic vendor relationships.

The Shared Services office was also established to build supply chain management capabilities for IT shared services. Traditional agency-specific procurements are increasingly inadequate, given the resulting fragmentation and duplication of investment, changes in the IT market place and the sophistication of contemporary vendor relationships. In effect, the state can no longer afford to own or maintain the entirety of its IT portfolio. 

The Shared Services office is partnering with DAS Procurement to realign the portfolio of statewide IT price agreements with the state of Oregon’s technology reference model (TRM) for hardware, software and IT professional services, providing a single point of reference for legacy, core and leading technology services. Ultimately, the future portfolio of statewide price agreements will provide the foundation for future shared services, leverage purchasing power across the state, reduce application and infrastructure complexity and deepen the IT talent pool—benefitting state agencies, partner jurisdictions and local school districts.