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Application for Preschool Promise RFA and Waitlist

The Preschool Promise (PSP) Request for Application (RFA) process for both new applicants and current PSP grantees is open. This process allows for the reallocation of 358 slots and gives eligible applicants the chance to be placed on the Preschool Promise Applicant Waitlist Pool for the 2024-2025 program year.


Preschool Promise is a high-quality, publicly funded preschool program that serves families living at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level and children in foster care. Preschool Promise is delivered in a variety of settings including centers, homes, and schools.

The Department of Early Learning and Care (DELC) is seeking applications from interested entities across the state to reallocate a total of 358 Slots within 14 Early Learning Hub (ELH) regions. 

Note: the number of reallocation slots varies by Hub.

Also, DELC is offering eligible applicants the chance to be placed (and remain) on the Preschool Promise Applicant Waitlist Pool. This waitlist will allow eligible applicants to receive Preschool Promise Slots that become available during the 2024-25 Program year. This waitlist is available to all 16 Early Learning Hubs. Please read the RFA below to learn about the process for eligibility and selection for your specific Early learning Hub region.

How to Apply Webinar

Watch our How to Apply Webinars in English or Spanish to learn more about this process.

Schedule of Events

The table below represents a tentative schedule of events. All times are listed in Pacific Standard Time (PST). All dates listed are subject to change.

Note: The award protest period ends 7 calendar days after notice of intent to award.

Grant Duration and Funding

For the 2024-25 program year, the grant begins July 1, 2024 and ends June 30, 2025.


Preschool Promise awards grantees with a certain number of slots for eligible children to fill. The funding per slot is as follows:

  • Base amount: $15,650 per slot per year
  • Transportation enhancement: $1,100 per slot per year
  • One-time start-up amounts: 
    • $1,000 per slot awarded pursuant to this RFA for existing grantees
    • $2,000 per site for any new sites that are established during the grant performance period by either existing or new grantees

Requests for Application (RFA)

RFA for Slot Reallocation & Preschool Promise Applicant Pool Waitlist

Eligibility for slot awards is dependent on Hub region as shown below:

Blue Mountain Early Learning Hub (Morrow, Umatilla, Union Counties) - 22 Slots

Early Learning Hub of Central Oregon (Crook, Deschutes, Jefferson Counties) - 5 Slots

Early Learning Hub of Clackamas County (Clackamas County) - 28 Slots

Early Learning Hub of Linn, Benton, and Lincoln Counties (Benton, Linn, Lincoln Counties) - 42 Slots

Early Learning Multnomah (Multnomah County) - 71 Slots

Eastern Oregon Community Based Services Hub (Baker, Malheur, Wallowa Counties) - 16 Slots

Four Rivers Early Learning Hub - (Wasco, Hood River, Sherman, Gilliam, Wheeler Counties) - 45 Slots

Frontier Early Learning Hub (Grant and Harney Counties) - 4 Slots

Lane Early Learning Alliance (Lane County) - 29 Slots

Marion and Polk Early Learning Hub, Inc. (Marion and Polk Counties) - 35 Slots

Northwest Early Learning Hub (Clatsop, Columbia, Tillamook Counties) - 6 Slots

South Coast Regional Early Learning Hub (Coos, Curry, and Coastal Douglas Counties) - 23 Slots

South-Central Early Learning Hub (Klamath, Lake, and Non-Coastal Douglas Counties) - 18 Slots

Yamhill Early Learning Hub (Yamhill County) - 23 Slots

Note: DELC is not currently accepting applications for slot reallocations in Early Learning Washington County or Southern Oregon Early Learning Services. However, RFA applications can be submitted for inclusion on the PSP Applicant Pool Waitlist.

RFA for Preschool Promise Applicant Pool Waitlist Only

DELC is currently not accepting any applications for slot reallocation in these regions. However, RFA applications can be submitted for inclusion on the PSP Applicant Pool Waitlist.

Frequently Asked Questions

​A: If you would like to apply for only the waitlist in a hub region. Please select the option for 0 slots when you fill out your application. By default, you will still remain in the running for a possible award to a spot on the waitlist.  ​​​

A: We will be allocating future slots to waitlisted providers. If you would like an opportunity for the slots that may come available throughout a program year, then you would want to be a part of the waitlist.

A: You must be on the waitlist to receive any additional slots during a program or grant year(s).

A: Yes, the application is the same for both.

A: Yes, you do need to complete the full application to be considered.  ​

A: The link to webinar(s) can be found in section of the RFA and at the following landing page:​​

A: The webinar can be found here:   

A: To apply - Please visit​ and submit an application using the link. More information regarding the RFA(s) can be found on this landing page. 

A: If you’re not currently providing PSP services then you would be a “new” provider, even if you have offered PSP services in past.  ​

A:  Section 4 of the RFA is the Evaluation Criteria information. Section 4.2 has the scoring rubric in it.  ​

A: The Preschool Promise requires Spark participation, therefore, you can enroll and participate while in the program if selected.

A: “Spark” means the system established through ORS 329A.261 which establishes a set, or progressively higher standards used to evaluate the quality of an early learning and development program and to support program improvement. Refer to pages 6-7 in the RFA for a full list of definitions or visit for more information about SPARK:​

A: The application deadline is June 17th 2024 at 5:00 PM PST.  ​

A: You can request information from a previous RFA by doing a public records request. Here’s the link for more information how to do a public records request and what to expect.​

A: Preschool Promise is a mixed delivery program which means that they service PSP children and non-PSP children. Many of our PSP grantees are blending funds, For example, some grantees blend PSP funding with ERDC. They use ERDC funding to cover for the before and after care (hours outside the PSP hours).  However, it is up to the business owner to decide how to best blend state funding and how many PSP children they want to serve.  It is also important to ensure that the number of PSP children does not displace any non-PSP children. Please read over the PSP RFA document and sample grant agreement for a complete of the expectations. ​

A: You could apply for the new center and be placed on the waitlist with this current RFA. ​

A: Applicants must indicate the number of PSP children they would like to serve. Note: the number of slots available for reallocation varies by Hub region. ​

A: Yes, PSP hours must end no later than 5pm. PSP requires programs to serve a minimum of six hours per day. For families needing services beyond the six hours, they can use ERDC or private pay. Many of our grantees have a 9am – 3pm PSP daily schedule and offer before and after care, which in some cases goes past 5pm. ​

A: Please refer to page 10 of PSP RFA​ to view lead teacher and assistant teacher staff qualifications.​​​

A: No, children cannot be excluded from the program if they are not yet potty trained ​

A: Preschool Promise is a non-expulsion, non-suspension program. Please review page 14 of the PSP Playbook​ for additional information and resources. 

Application Submission

Applications and all required materials must be received by June 17, 2024 at 5:00pm.

Application Link




All RFA questions should be directed to the Single Point of Contact listed in the RFA
Single Point of Contact (SPC): Ashley Griffin,