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Child Care

​​Nutrition education and reimbursements from USDA

Children need to eat foods with the right nutrients to be healthy, grow as they are meant to, and learn good eating habits that last a lifetime. Child care providers approved and listed with ODHS may qualify for nutrition education and reimbursements from USDA​ for meals fed to children in care.

Providers must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Provide care in their home
  • Prepare meals for children
  • Meet USDA's criteria

Getting started

After you are approved and listed as an ODHS child care provider, contact the USDA sponsor in your area (see below).

Once you sign up for​ the program​

  • A ​program representative will train you on how to serve USDA meals according to USDA guidelines, and keep track of the meals ​you serve.
  • They will also train you on how to keep track of the children you serve, including their in and out times.
  • You will send paperwork to your sponsor at the end of each month and receive a reimbursement check based on the number of qualifying meals.

For more information, contact the USDA sponsor nearest you. Below is a list of sponsors, their phone numbers and where they are located.

USDA sponsors

BendChild Care Development Services503-489-2509
GreshamChild Care Development Services503-489-2509
RoseburgChild Care Development Services503-489-2509
MilwaukieNorthwest Nutrition Service, Inc.503-653-7626
The DallesNorthwest Nutrition Services, Inc.503-653-7626
Lincoln CountyNorthwest Nutrition Services, Inc.503-653-7626
Yamhill CountyNorthwest Nutrition Services, Inc.503-653-7626
EugeneNutrition First503-581-7563
CorvallisNutrition First503-581-7563
SalemNutrition First 503-581-7563
TillamookNutrition First 503-581-7563
Lincoln CountyNutrition First503-581-7563
Yamhill CountyNutrition First503-581-7563
Coos BayOregon Child Development Coalition541-770-5893
La GrandeOregon Child Development Coalition541-770-5893
MedfordOregon Child Development Coalition541-770-5893