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Statewide Data Initiatives

​​The Statewide Parcels Initiative is a new effort launched in September 2023 by the State of Oregon, Geospatial Enterprise Operations (GEO) to create and publish a geospatial dataset of parcels that is available for all to use and download. The goal is for this dataset to include all parcels in the state and updated on a regular basis. GEO is using an online tool to collect parcel data from Oregon counties and a new integration engine to validate the data. GEO will then aggregate and publish a single geospatial dataset for display, use, and analysis.

​​The Oregon Statewide Imagery Program (OSIP) is a collaboration of GEO and the Imagery FIT (Framework Implementation Team) to leverage the State’s buying power to reduce the cost of statewide imagery acquisitions. OSIP seeks to reduce imagery duplication by providing predictable imagery collection while also improving the quality of the imagery the is available for all to use. Current activities are focused on: ​

  • 2024 Statewide Imagery Collection
  • Creation of an Oregon Imagery Portfolio
  • ​Creation of a Long-Term Funding Strategy for the Imagery Portfolio