Oregon Geospatial Enterprise Office


​​Geospatial Enterprise Office (GEO) coordination efforts focus on facilitating and promoting standards, reducing data collection duplication, and the promotion of GIS activities in Oregon. GEO both facilitates and collaborates with many committees and groups working toward these goals. ​​​​​

GIS councils and committees


Oregon Geographic Information Council ​
OGIC sets policy and direction for Geospatial activities in Oregon. 


GIS Program Leaders​
GPL is the technical advisory group to OGIC. 


Framework Implementation Team
FIT develops standards and plans for data development and stewardship. FIT is composed of fourteen teams focusing on the seven national framework themes and seven Oregon commonly needed themes.


Oregon GIS Policy Advisory Committee​
The PAC provides policy support for OGIC. 

TAC provides the Oregon Geographic Information Council (OGIC) with technical advice related to GIS technology, GIS coordination, and geospatial data management, use, and governance​.
The workgroup will comprehensively study the current practices, issues, barriers, and concerns, and identify possible solutions to barriers, that prevent public bodies in Oregon from effectively and efficiently sharing geospatial Framework data with one another and on a statewide basis. ​
The states of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington have agreed to partner with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on a component of the Virtual USA Initiative, led by the Science and Technology Directorate’s Command, Control and Interoperability Division (CID). The pilot will advance a technical and cultural shift in how the Nation shares information during an emergency. ​

Task force on surveying / GIS / mapping​​

The committee examines the relationships between land surveying, cartography, photogrammetry, and geographic information systems, in providing information to the public. ​

Points o​f c​ont​act

GIS councils and co​mmittees​​

  • ​​OGIC - Oregon ​Geographic Information Council ​
  • GPL - GIS Program Leaders​
  • FIT - Framework Implementation Team
  • PACPolicy Advisory Committee​
  • TAC​ - Technical Advisory Committee