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Oregon Geospatial Enterprise Office

​About the program​

The Oregon Framework Data Development Program is a grant program sponsored by the Oregon Geographic Info​rmation Council (OGIC) and administered by the Geospatial Enterprise Office. The purpose of the program is to assist the Framework community in meeting its goals, particularly in the areas of data development, access, and integration. Funds are dispersed through a competitive process that occurs on a biennial basis (every two years). For more information please see the latest Request for Proposals​ or contact us.

2021-23 Project Selection

The proposal submittal and selection process is closed. Here is a summary of the selected projects and abstracts for the 2021-23 biennium:

General program resources and information:

Previous Biennia Projects

Frequently Asked Questions​​​

Q: When will the next funding cycle begin?
A: In the spring of 2023.
Q: What is the indirect costs or F&A policy? Can these costs be included in our budget?
A: Unfortunately, no. Please read the full OGIC policy  for more information.
Q: I heard that there is more than one area of funding in the program this biennium. What are they?
A: There are two funding areas: foundational data elements (includes secondary foundational) and traditional Framework projects. Funding will be approximately split 70/30 across the two areas.
Q: My project idea isn't for a foundational or secondary foundational data element. Can I still submit a proposal?
A: Yes. Data development projects for other Framework data elements are welcomed and will be evaluated as part of the traditional Framework projects area.
Q: Does there need to be a standard in place or developed over the project duration for my data development project to be funded?
A: Yes, but the program doesn't fund standards development. Standards development would need to be leveraged from other funds.
Q: Would a project that develops a data distribution tool be eligible for funding?
A: Yes, if the project has a clear connection to Framework, it is eligible for funding. This type of project would fall into the traditional Framework projects area.
Q: If I have additional questions, what do I do?
A: Send an email to