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​About Framework forums

Get connected with the Oregon Framework community by attending a Framework Forum. Framework Forums are usually day-long, conference-style meetings where community mem​bers share their work and contributions to Oregon's GIS Framework, review new or updated Oregon data exchange standards and data stewardship plans, and interact with other members.  

Next Framework Forum: September 17, 2020 at Chemeketa Viticulture Center in Salem

25th Oregon GIS Framework Forum - April 23, 2020

Please visit the event webpage for more information. 


21st Oregon GIS Framework Forum - September 22, 2017

20​th Oregon GIS Framework Forum - September 30, 2016


19th Oreg​on GIS Framework Forum - December 1​​4, 2015


18th Or​egon GIS Framework Forum - May 20, 2015​


17th O​regon GIS Framework Forum - November 5, 2014


16th Ore​gon GIS Framework Forum - February 5, 2014


15th O​r​egon GIS Standards Forum – September 5, 2012​


14th Oregon GIS Standards Forum – Octob​er 27, 2​​011


13th​ Oregon GIS Standards Forum – November 10, 20​10

  • Standards presentations and documents

12th Ore​go​n GIS Standards Forum – ​March 31, 2010 


11th O​regon ​GIS Standards Forum – March 10, 2009 

Location: Troutdale, Oregon 
Guest Speakers: 
Lunch Meetings: 
Standards Presentations: 

10th O​regon GI​S Standards Forum – March 13, 2008 

Location: Corvallis, Oregon 
Standards scheduled for approval: 
  • Oregon Fish Habitat Data Distribution Standard
Workshop: Spatial Data Explorer – Janine Salwasser and Kuuipo Walsh   

9th Or​egon GIS ​Standards Forum – June 27, 2007 

Location: Salem, Oregon 
Standards scheduled for approval: 
  • Oregon Fish Passage Barriers (pdf) ​
Workshop: Stewardship – Gail Ewart 

8th ​Standards Foru​m, December 2006 ​


7th Oregon GIS Standards Forum - June 28, 200​​6 

Standards Scheduled for approval: 
  • LiDAR - Cy Smith and Don Lewis
  • PLSS Stewardship - Ewart/Fredrick/Thomas 
  • Land Cover Land Use - Jimmy Kagan and Bill Clingman 

6th ​Oregon GI​S Standards Forum - June 30, 2005 

Standards Scheduled for approval: 
  • Administrative Boundaries - Diana Walker  
  • Land Use Land Cover - Jimmy Kagan

5th Oregon GIS Sta​ndards Forum - December 7, 200​​4 

Location: Wilsonville Holiday Inn, Wilsonville, Oregon 
Workshops: Utilities, Hazards 
Proposed Standards for review: Cadastral, Address Content, Geoscience 

4th ​Oregon GI​S Standards Forum - June 23, 2004 ​

Location:  Bend, Oregon 
Workshops: Cadastral Data Model, Orthoimagery Strategy, Geodetic Control Standards 
Proposed Standards for review: Addressing, Transportation, Cadastral, Climate 

3rd Oregon GIS Standards Forum - December 2003 ​​​

Location: Roseburg, Oregon 
Workshops: Administrative Boundaries, Geoscience 
Updates: Transportation, Cadastral 
Proposed Standards: Climate, Geodetic Control, Elevation 

2nd ​Oregon GIS S​tandards Forum - June 2003 ​

Location: The Dalles, Oregon 
Workshops: Elevation (contours), Hydrography (Hydro Clearinghouse), Bioscience 
Proposed Standards: Oregon Road Centerline Data Content Standard, Oregon Cadastral Data Content Standard. 

First ​Oreg​on GIS Standards Forum - December 2002 ​

Location: Keizer, Oregon 
Workshops: Hydrography Clearinghouse, Metadata development and use, Elevation data development and use 
Proposed Standards: Elevation, Orthoimagery, Metadata