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The Oregon Statewide Imagery Program​​ was created in 2016 through a collaboration between Imagery FIT and GEO and includes a Steering Committee providing operational oversight. On behalf of the Imagery Program, GEO currently serves as data steward for Oregon’s statewide imagery.

The program was developed to meet increased demand for high resolution imagery in a timely manner and to distribute new and historical imagery via Web hosted services to every level of government in Oregon, the academic community, private sector business, NGOs and the public. By utilizing a cooperative approach to data acquisition, partners can reduce overall costs and increase their return on inv​estment.​​


​All Oregon imagery is made available to the public via GEOHub: Oregon Imagery Services

Services are provided in both Web Mercator (EPSG:3857) and Oregon Lambert projections (EPSG:2992). Both projections are provided as dynamic image services. Image services support client side pixel filtering, server defined or client-defined rendering rules (e.g. remap, colormap), and mosaic rules. Web Mercator services also support access to the tile cache through tile services. Tile services will have better performance than image services and should be the preferred mechanism for web mapping. Instructions for using Streaming Services are below. 

Imagery can be accessed in two ways:
​Imagery can be viewed in the following application: Oregon Imagery Explorer

County mosaics of the NAIP imagery are available for download at the USDA NAIP Box Drive. (The NAIP files are provided at a lower resolution than the Services provided below.)

Instructions for Streaming Imagery
Image services can be incorporated into other applications (web or desktop) using the ArcGIS REST connection or via OGC WMS. 


​REST Service
​2022 OSIP Statewide
4-band ortho imagery
OSIP 2022
​2020 NAIP
4-band ortho imagery
2020 NAIP
2018 Western OR​

52,200 square miles of imagery covering western Oregon.
​OSIP 201​8 Western OR
1-foot Western OR
2017 Eastern OR
47,600 square miles of imagery covering eastern Oregon. 
OSIP 201​7 Eastern OR
1-foot Eastern OR
2016 NAIP natural color and near infrared.
2016 NAIP
1-meter Statewide
2014 NAIP natural color and near infrared.
2014 NAIP
1-meter Statewide
2012 NAIP natural color and near infrared. 2012 NAIP
1-meter Statewide
2011 NAIP natural color and near infrared.
2011 NAIP
1-meter Statewide
2009 NAIP natural color and near infrared. ​2009 NAIP
0.5-meter Statewide
2005 NAIP natural color and near infrared. 2005 NAIP
0.5-meter Statewide
2000 NAIP black and white. 2000 NAIP
1-meter Statewide
1995 NAIP black and white. 1995 NAIP
1-meter Statewide

​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​