Oregon Geospatial Enterprise Office

​​​​​Mission ​​and overview

​The Oregon Geographic Information Council (OGIC) provides statewide governance for sharing, coordinating and managing geospatial Framework data among public bodies and the citizens of Oregon.
OGIC was created pursuant to ORS 276A.500-515​ and is composed of 2 representatives from the Oregon Legislature, 8 representatives from state agencies, 7 representatives from local government, and representatives from an Indian tribe, a federal agency, a public utility, a non-profit, a public university and a private citizen.  The Council deliberates and approves resources and standards for s​hared geospatial Framework data and geospatial technology development, to prevent duplication and save taxpayer dollars.​


  • Improve Data Sharing and Accessibility
  • Increase Data Stewardship
  • Expand Collaborative Governance
  • Strengthen Communications
  • Support Sustainable Funding
To learn more about the Council’s Objectives and the Key Results to be achieved, click here​.

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