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Proclamation Request Guidelines

As the Governor's Office is in the process of transitioning gubernatorial leadership, we are unable to fulfill our normal volume of proclamations at this time and unfortunately cannot guarantee processing your request.

While we may not be able to produce a proclamation this year, please accept the Governor's best wishes for a successful and memorable observance. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Proclamations are issued by the Office of the Governor. They may recognize a day, week or month. The goal of a proclamation is to honor, celebrate, or create awareness of an event or significant issue.


  1. All proclamations must be submitted with at least a 30-day notice to allow for the approval process and the production of the document itself.
  2. Proclamations are not automatically renewed. Requests must be made on an annual basis. If the request is for a repeat of a previous proclamation, a copy of that document should be included with the request form.
  3. The Governor's Office reserves the right to approve or decline the production of a proclamation request and to edit any drafted material for final wording.
  4. Each proclamation request MUST come from an Oregon resident. This includes requests from national, international, or out-of-state organizations.

Content of a Proclamation

  1. Proclamations for individuals or businesses will not be accepted.
  2. Proclamations must not be used in whole or as part of an advertisement or commercial promotion.
  3. Proclamations should reflect inclusiveness, not exclusiveness, and recognize that the strength of our democracy is our diversity. It must not take sides in matters of political, ideological, or religious controversy, or individual convictions.
  4. Proclamations must have statewide significance and demonstrate relevancy to Oregon and Oregonians.
  5. If your proclamation contains a statistic or other facts, please include a citation to where the information was sourced. This will help expedite the review process.

Format Requirements of an Oregon Proclamation

  1. Provide a specific date for the proclamation (day, week, or month) and the desired due date for the completed proclamation. Please provide the date the proclamation is needed by. Be sure to include sufficient time to receive the hard copy via postal mail.
  2. Each request must be in the proclamation template (including the WHEREAS sentence structure). However, the Governor’s Office reserves the right to alter the wording of any requested proclamation.
  3. Proclamations must fit on a single page and be in 12 point font, with room remaining for the signatures of the Governor and the Secretary of State as well as the State Seal of Oregon.
  4. Please provide a contact name, phone number/e-mail address, and mailing address where you would like the final proclamation document sent.
  5. Please email the completed word template to