Kate Brown, Oregon’s 38th Governor, has over 25 years of experience in standing up for working families and making government more accountable.  As Governor, she’s signed legislation to improve the state’s education system, to add jobs by passing Oregon’s largest transportation package, to contain costs by improving government efficiency and accountability, and to ensure that 95 percent of adults and all children have access to health care.
Going forward, Governor Brown will continue to advocate for policies that give Oregonians the tools they need to reach their full potential.
Governor Brown came to Oregon to attend Lewis and Clark’s Northwestern School of Law, where she received her law degree and Certificate in Environmental Law.  With her husband Dan, Brown raised Dan’s son and daughter, who are now grown, in Portland. In February of 2015, Brown and her husband moved into the official residence, Mahonia Hall. When Governor Brown is not busy at the capitol in Salem, you will find her out enjoying nature throughout Oregon.

Governor Kate Brown

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