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Boards & Commissions

The Governor makes appointments to over 250 Boards and Commissions representing a broad range of areas and issues for the State of Oregon. This also includes most major state agencies and departments headed by policy-making boards which are appointed by the Governor.

Members of Oregon State Boards and Commissions are vital participants in statewide decision-making and dedicated individuals have the opportunity to participate in developing a wide variety of important governmental policies. Major issues range from consumer protection, economic development, education, conservation, and health care — all of which are critical to the ongoing success of the State of Oregon.

The Governor is also committed to ensuring that all Boards and Commissions represent the growing age, racial and gender diversity of the state. This is an amazing opportunity to pool our collective viewpoints, visions, and hopes for Oregon — and all community members are welcome and encouraged to serve.

Instructions to Apply

As of October 2021, we are only accepting electronic applications. We are no longer accepting Interest Forms via email.

Please use one of the following links to submit an application:

New Applicants and Applicants/Current Board member with a CW number:

  • Go to the Boards and Commissions Workday webpage – HERE
  • To apply, use the instructions, starting at step 2, outlined – HERE (pdf)

Applicants who are Current State Employees or Current Board Members with an OR number:

  • Log in to Workday – HERE
  • To apply, use the instructions outlined – HERE (pdf)

Application Process

The Electronic Application will capture the same information as the previously used Interest Form. It is a basic application that tells our office about you, your background and why you want to participate on a Governor-appointed Board or Commission. You will need to include your resume, a short personal biography, and answers to supplemental questions.

In addition, applicants are subject to a background check and additional vetting may apply for some board positions. Notifying us about something in your past does not necessarily mean that you cannot or will not be appointed; but, it is important that you disclose this information in the beginning of the process. Please ensure your fiscal responsibilities are in order when applying. Non-compliant issues may delay or jeopardize your potential appointment. You must be an Oregon resident and taxpayer to participate unless otherwise noted.

You may apply at any time, regardless of whether there is a current opening, as resignations and vacancies occur throughout the year. Once you submit your Electronic Application, it will remain on file with our office until the end of December 2022. If you are being actively considered for an appointment, you will hear from either the Governor’s Office or the Board Administrator directly.

Please note that only completed applications will be processed and considered for appointment. A complete application includes the following:

  • Uploaded Resume (PDF only)
  • Uploaded Short Personal Bio (PDF only)
  • Responses to the three General Application Questions
  • Responses to Background Questions
  • Responses to the subsequent Gender Identity, Personal Information, and Public Records Disclosure tasks that come up directly after you submit your application

If you are unable to complete the form electronically, please reach out to the Executive Appointments Office at for assistance.



A description of the required training for all newly appointed Board & Commission members can be found here.

Board and Commission Member Compensation

Oregon law allows state Board and Commission members to receive statutory per diem compensation and reimbursement of certain expenses for each day or portion thereof which they spend time performing Board or Commission duties. House Bill 2992, which was passed during the 2021 Legislative session, is intended to reduce systemic barriers to participation in state Boards and Commissions. Please refer to the FAQ document below to learn more about the implementation of HB 2992.

Expectations of Service

Service is varied and based upon the needs, expectations and policy goals. Most seats are volunteer positions and have an average expectation of approximately 10-15 hours of work per month. Some Commissions however have a need for specialized skills, but most people will find a Board or a Commission that is a great fit for their knowledge base. Public members of Boards and Commissions are people who may not have regular, ongoing experience in a specific topic area, but have a general interest in a particular Board or Commission’s work arena. This is a great opportunity to learn more about an area of interest and contribute a perspective that is fresh and unique to the service area.

Candidates are expected to actively engage and participate once they are confirmed and appointed, so it is important that you are clear on your time and availability. Traveling within the state to meetings can be a part of some Board’s or Commission’s expectations, so make sure that you factor in the location of meetings into your decision. Finally, each Board or Commission has a particular term during which they serve. Most terms are between 2-4 years and all Board and Commission members are subject to a two-term limit. If you enjoyed serving and completed your term on one Board or Commission, consider seeking appointment to another Board or Commission.

Thank you for your interest in serving the State of Oregon. It is your willingness to participate that makes a difference in the strength of our efforts and we appreciate the power of your volunteerism and perspective.

Current Board & Commission List

Please note, some active boards may not be reflected at this time as we are currently working on making sure this list is as comprehensive and up to date as possible.









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