Postsecondary Finance and Capital

Public Postsecondary Finance and Capital: Featured Work

The Office of Public Postsecondary Finance and Capital works with statewide and campus level groups on state and national fiscal initiatives.  For updates to the projects below, see the Strategic Initiative Tracker document reported at most full public meetings of the HECC. Recent and current projects include:

  • Development of a long-term strategic funding model to meet state goals: HECC staff has convened a workgroup that includes external partners (institutional and community leaders) for the purpose of advising staff on the development of a long-term strategic funding model. This work has focused on identifying the gaps between current attainment and our goals; and determining the overall cost of closing those gaps. Future work will focus on refining the cost model and developing a proposed budget structure to optimize future state investments.
  • Development of a 10-year university capital plan for state investment​: HECC is in the process of seeking an outside expert to develop a 10-year strategic capital development plan to inform the prioritization of public university capital project funding requests.